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Planning and subsequent policy initiatives don’t address religion as an important motivation in spearheading human endeavour. Religious beliefs are a prime source of inspiration for a majority of humanity. This failure is a missed opportunity, a major but perhaps an understandable mistake, likely out of a fear of possibly inciting religious differences and a cause of conflict between various religious institutions. Our position is that religion as a mainstay for a majority of humanity dates back countless ages. Moral values and spiritual principles that major religions share in common are available potential to galvanize and promote a unity of purpose to achieve sustainable outcomes.

Below find a series of article on religions and faith-based systems to broaden understanding of some beliefs that have been mainstays for various peoples for untold ages.

Religion and Environmental Protection
Belief Systems and the Environment
Indigenous Spiritual Beliefs
Jainism, Dharma and Environmental Ethics
Religion and Development
Previous Religion and Development
Next Toward A Universal Declaration of a Global Ethic

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