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Volunteer Driven

The TeamMx Mandate (Global Reach) is an axis for progress that revolves around instinct and impulse for change directed towards overcoming barriers that block realisation of humankind’s oneness and its manifestation as species identity.

With this premise and volunteer support, we can build a viable strategy for global human development. It contains key elements for unlocking humanity’s vast and endowed diversity with its infinite talents, abilities and creative potential, and used to advance human civilization. Consider it bedrock (spiritual-based) needed for long-term planning, goals and objectives to achieve systematic and progressive outcomes over extended time-horizons.

Its inherent concepts and principles are an integral part of the TeamMx Mandate where members and volunteers educate, train, and build awareness at local levels to galvanize stakeholder efforts in creating community-based sustainability approaches as conceptualized initiatives made inclusive to cohesive public policy centered on advancing human development in a global context.

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