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Harry R. Halloran, Jr. and Lawrence S. Bale put forth a convincing argument for finding a more inclusive approach that will "represent our best hope for plotting a viable means of sustaining our species continued existence on this earth."

"As we confront the hard facts of ecological devastation and environmental degradation unfolding on a planetary scale--with overpopulation, famine, war, technology, pollution, and humankind's misguided hubris prodding the global ecosystem toward the brink of exponential systemic runaway--we simply do not believe that politics, economics and business, or science and technology, working independently or in conjunction, can effectively offer a unified/unifying vision that faithfully reflects the integrated complexity of this World. Granted, a great deal is being accomplished through politics, business, and science to reevaluate and improve humankind's perceived relationship with the global ecosystem, and also to counter the effects of our outmoded means of living on this planet. Still, it is our conviction that the world's religious traditions, joining together in authentic dialogue with each other, and with business, politics and science, represent our best hope for plotting a viable means of sustaining our species' continued existence on this earth."

This article, as with others placed on Prallagon's website, provides additional information for development planners and practitioners to consider as they become engaged in devising a long-term cohesive global public policy that provides an inclusive and objective approach able to achieve progressive objectives and goal obtainments far into the future.

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