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Trilateral integration postulates humanity is a same-source entity with an inherent spiritual commonality that validates its uniqueness as a species. This commonality defines it humanity as an inherent species of one, a source of identity from which it derives meaning, values and its innate creativity. As an ‘entity-of-one’ with a conscious reality, displays a vast array of religious heritage, myriad cultural and ethnic dynamisms, a complex social stratification, and a diversity of thoughts with means for persuasion. This rich and inclusive diversity reveals a unique and noble species equipt as a self-enabling resource.

Humanity can interact through planning and decision-making venues to resolve that which threaten its progress and continued development. Through the medium of empathic consciousness and a global awareness, individuals of diverse heritage can engage in dialogue and decision-making to energize synergistic capability to design those values-driven components needed to create those social and economic systems necessary to meet the challenging requirements of a developing global society.

Our ‘Global Human Development Initiative’ supports this effort through a core structure with operational capability identified as ‘Trilateral Operand’. This trilateral houses three major components: leadership, law, and governance; leadership has a moral component, law embodies architectures to maintain order and stabilize human affairs, and it enhances governance with ethical performance criteria to strengthen its managerial functions that govern human affairs. These three components fuse as a synchronous construct with synergistic potential to empower humanity’s quest to achieve sustainable outcomes.  The trilateral functions to facilitate humanity’s transformation from its current state of primitive operation ability into a viable global community supported by progressive and stable societies.

The trilateral’s applicability lies in moral leadership, a pivotal requirement. This leadership partners with law and governance to enhance the operational capabilities of governance based on principles of justice to secure the publics’ welfare. The trilateral focuses on building the individual’s capacity to perform in just ways in their daily lives; meaning that knowledge-based criteria passes to others by personal example. Next is gaining human will to act upon one’s convictions. This process is in line with self-improvement and shows a mature and personal commitment to resolve problems encountered. It narrows the gap between thought and action to harvest self-sustaining moral courage, the type courage required to engage proactive means to challenge societal moribundity.

There are no simple solutions to resolving social, economic, national, and international problems (often intertwined). Our collective efforts, when directed, afford the best opportunity for a reasonable success. The trilateral operand offers quality guidance for humanity’s collective push to achieve sustainability.

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