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Trilateral Operand and Local Community Development

The Trilateral Operand is the core construct that houses the philosophical base and support frameworks that guide agency endeavors. It fuses leadership with a moral component, mandates adherence to law and acquisition of justice in all undertakings, and calls for integrating ethical performance criteria into systems of governance.

These three luminaries (leadership, law, governance), when entwined, fuse and function synchronously as a single operand. As a practicing norm with performance at or near optimization, the operand is then synergistically capable of relieving much of the burden under which humanity struggles, its primary intent and ultimate aim.

Individually, leadership, law and governance are three extremely complex and often controversial elements that, seemingly, are being denied an agreed upon qualified definition for each. This happens even though they are functional elements vital for the stability of human society. Seen in another way, they develop as society grows and redefined based on experience and newly gained knowledge.

We also understand that Western concepts, outlooks and approaches, relative to these three elements, have achieved a degree of mirrored effect in some countries and societies that lie outside the realm of western scholarship. However, to be practical, one size (concept) can not and does not fit all. This is one reason these elements receive much distinct consideration when studied independently and interpreted by non-western minds, those having understandings and belief systems, backgrounds, education, training and cultural orientations based on their respective cultures, countries and societies.

It is still much too early in the evolution of human civilization to perceive exactly how this will turn out in the long-run.  Challenges will arise and humanity must accommodate wide-ranging opinions that ultimately will solidify in ways that support a diverse humanity.

Our view is that problems arise when one or more of the three aforementioned luminaries function far below optimum––off-synchronization occurs (imbalance). When they perform far below optimum, it is detrimental to justice in society, and we should never deny justice or placed it at risk because that would portend social discord, perhaps in extreme proportions, as witnessed by current events and those in the recent past.
The level at which the operand performs in local communities will determine the degree to which these communities can achieve sustainability.

Our field staff advise local stakeholders on ways to organize communities (operand-specific) to improve their efforts to realize stated sustainable development goals and objectives.

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