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Societal Disruption

vortex of an immeasurable dimension

We see human society caught in a vortex of an immeasurable dimension because of unmet transition requirements to move from a state of exclusion to one that fosters inclusion. The resulting challenges come without precedence, guidebook, or manual from which to source solutions. Therefore, we must devise corrective criteria that place justice as the premiere vanguard to mitigate chaos, lessen confusion, and provide means to secure stable and progressive futures.


We address this problem by encouraging a paradigmatic shift in thinking related to the following measures: Enhance leadership potential by introducing a moral component, strengthen the rule of law to guarantee social stability, integrate ethical performance criteria into systems of governance, and promote justice in all undertakings. The primary purpose is to meet the unfolding requirements of a transitioning humanity into a global community and manage its emerging ethos.


To foster viable societies now in protracted evolution is the key needed to achieve an as yet unknown but inevitable sustainable destiny. As a perquisite, we stress the need to integrate moral principals and spiritual attributes as strategic criteria into development planning. This will help guarantee quality decision-making that’s necessary to show viability of the planning process, achievable goals and objectives, processes, and procedures for implementation. This shows goodwill by key operatives (i.e., planners, experts, stakeholders, laypersons, etc.) who must aspire to convey trust to the masses, those upon whose shoulders will rest the burden of responsibility for the success or failure of any development project.


This process is a guide for creating systematic approaches for finding solutions capable of meeting current and future society and challenges. Solutions are viable if based on the principle that humanity is a same-source entity, a characterization that engenders the oneness of humanity, acknowledges its vast and complex diversity, viewed as a prime resource with inherent capability to galvanize humanity’s potential to guide it through successive stages of endeavour to reach its full potential.


Achieving full potential will require an organic change in human society, requiring dissolution of inadequate social systems and archaic governing structures, in time replaced by service orientated frameworks with flexibility and dynamism. These inspire human will to devise and implement requirements needed to achieve systematic and ever-maturing progressive futures.


It will depend upon ever-expanding cadres of dedicated service minded individuals who aspire to manifest sustainable objectives in development undertakings. We encourage aspirants to give of their time, talent, and creative abilities to help devise the criteria needed to offset global challenges, resolve social conflicts, and foster unlimited opportunities for humanity’s advancement in a global context.


A key strategy is for aspirants to gain skills for self-leadership, seen as a first tier requirement. Once gained and readied for deployment, it shows integrity by personal example, a primary means of garnering public support. This will inspire faith and confidence in social undertakings that, through sacrificial endeavours, will spearhead positive directional change in human affairs.


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