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The challenging opportunity we face lies in devising development policy frameworks that ensure an inclusive and diverse humanity has a better than average change of achieving sustainable objectives.  Overwhelmed by desire to secure its long-term welfare, humanity assist in creating those creative pathways necessary to achieve progressive and prosperous futures.


We engage a global human development initiative that calls for paradigmatic shifts in thinking. It mandates the inclusion of spiritual principles in development policy, embraces efforts to improve administrative and judicial systems of law, addresses the lack of ethics-based performance criteria in the administrative and managerial systems of governance, and mandates justice as the primary objective in all undertakings.


Partnerships and alliances are created to support goal accomplishment. This brings to fore ever-expanding cadres of dedicated service minded individuals who aspire to appropriate ethical standards of conduct, moral principles, and spiritual values to solidify a global human development platform. Aspirants give freely of their time, energy, talents and creative abilities that through quality dialogue, participatory decision-making, and collective will they are able to lessen the onslaught of transitional turbulence plaguing human populations.

What type people do you work with?
We work closely with a wide range of people interested in devising global human development platforms, in particular those whose primary intent is to galvanize those inherently creative characteristics now latent in a diverse humanity as a primary resource to plan for progressive futures.
Do you accept volunteers?
Prallagon offers a unique service that affords opportunity for you to enter, work and advance in global human development as a volunteer. We harness the creativity of ordinary people from all walks of life to assist in solving complex global issues.
Do you have an affiliate program?
An affiliate program has not yet been established.  However, for those interested in studying to receive an advanced degree in Development Studies you may want to contact the following institutions of higher learning for information:


Georgetown University

University of South Africa

Western Michigan University

To continue your investigation to locate institutions of higher learning that offer quality programs in development studies that might fit your needs, we suggest you to extend your research to include institutions located in Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom.

How can I become involved in your work?
If you would like to have a working experience in devising innovative approaches to global human development, then join with us in this endeavour. Start today to enjoy the many personal benefits to be derived from knowing that you are part of an emerging collective of people who are exercising unified will to contribute toward advancing human development on a global scale.  Please prioritize your work interests.



Email to us your interests, plus cv/resume and all related questions that you might have to You will receive prompt response.

How can I become a subscriber?
Subscribe now to begin learning about the efforts of many to solidify the efforts of an emerging collective with unified will to advance human development in the global arena.



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Establishes the truth or falsity of a claim based on information acquired through science, research, observation and/or experimentation.

Centre for Global Dynamics

Ensures consistence in the quality of service and product through planning, quality assurance, control, and process improvement.

Advisory Collective

Collaboration, decision-making, communication and coordination to provide solutions that support, refine, and complete the end product.


Directs the overall functions of the organization to meet its stated goals and objectives.


Design Inclusive Development Policy

Our aim is to design diversity inclusive development policy centered around spiritual principles, those commonalities that are at the core human existence. This means that efforts aim to reduce poverty, implement fundamental rights, and promote sustainable development will be supported through collective will for long-term accomplishments.

clarion call

We Strive for Enduring Accomplishments. Get In Touch to become Involved

Solutions through Discourse


Development Policy

Program Implementation

Strategic Interests

Secure Human Settlements

Global Awareness

Social & Economic Viability

Justice As Primary


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Our online network includes internal Chat & Call, Video-conference, Docs, Telephony, Messaging, Storage, Email, Wiki, Knowledge base, and Library. These are just a few of the internal support features free and available to facilitate the work of our teams, researchers, work-groups, writers, and those assigned to special projects.

These features are for use only to support the efforts of the organisation as a whole, as well as its subordinate units and their activities. Collaborative interchange is extremely important, and every effort is made to facilitate the process to the fullest extent possible.

Chat and Call

Collaborate with the people who matter most, those you rely upon for the quality of their ideas.


Each Workplace Station includes HD Video that's connected to the entire orginization.

Audio Conferencing

Audio conferencing, chat, and webinars are available across mobile, desktop, and Work Stations.

Knowledge Base

Our centralized repository for information is provided through: library, data storage and content Wikis.

Voice of the Diverse Unheard

Your Ideas Are Important

Key issues for discussion might include:

-Engage stakeholders to discuss critical issues to make quality decisions.
-Align our programs with development strategy.
-Identify opportunities to support strategic goals.
-Involve decision-makers and stakeholders to achieve consensus and provide support.
-Develop a global expansion strategy.
-Identify outcomes that are responsive, focused and directed.

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