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Office of External Affairs

Our Mission

External affairs work toward promoting initiatives that can have a significant impact on human development in globalising environments. To improve the organisation's image of being foremost in advancing sustainable development outcomes.

External affairs is tasked with designing, organizing, and delivering Prallagon’s media strategy to build and maintain strategic relationships and identify opportunities to improve external impacts and maintain a good public image. Maintaining excellent communication skills to produce high-quality press releases and engaging conference sessions.

We keep abreast of organizational structures and the nature of current and planned activities in order to effectively community strategic plans to advance the nature of global human development, raise brand profile, and foster enduring relationships.

For example, a head of external affairs working in a newly established company may design a social media strategy to build the firm’s web presence. This typically involves creating social networking accounts, determining a target audience, setting goals and objectives and engaging Internet users through articles, videos and press releases. A good media strategy enhances a firm’s ability to listen, appreciate and respond to public opinions.

External affairs department is responsible for maintaining strategic business partnerships with government agencies, professional associations, investors and suppliers. These partnerships can grow customer bases and improve performance. The head of external affairs identifies potential partners and initiates relationships. For instance, if a medium-sized beverage company hires you, you can identify an established corporation in the industry to forge a partnership with. Lasting strategic partnerships are based on trust, mutual respect, common values and open communication.

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Plan and execute large engagements, public meetings, and events with stakeholders on various topics of interest that align with strategic priorities. Manage speaker requests, event reporting, and the dissemination of statements on protocols.


Enhances relations to ensure public awareness of our efforts to build strong partnerships with development professionals, consumer groups, stakeholders, academia, and others to better inform of our policies and strategic undertakings.


Provides leadership and direction to the Directorate for External Affairs, and other senior units and staff, on all areas of office and resource management, including budget formulation and execution, financial management, and management analysis.

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Office of External Affairs

Achievements Strengthen Public Perception


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