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Prallagon Organization Framework
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Organization Frameworks
Advancing sustainable achievements through
justice and sacrificial endeavours.
Prallagon Platform

We focus on development planning and devising public policy. Strategic criteria are created and implemented to empower stakeholders to plan and take appropriate action to spearhead efforts to achieve sustainable goals and objectives.

Prallagon Directorate

The Directorate oversees all administrative operations, advisories, and collaborative venues. Responsible for all agency integrated systems to include research, data analysis, planning, policy, decision-making, and data dissemination.


Serves at the discretion of the Directorate, coordinates organization functions, performs administrative duties, is ex-officio of the Advisory Collective, provides critical analysis, and advises on matters of critical concern.

Advisory Collective

Key advisory in the organization's collaborative culture to manage research, provide analysis, oversee inter-group work efforts, collaborative forums and networks. It assign research and regulates workflow in support of agency objectives.

The Consiliarius Group
Consiliarius Group

A cadre of noted professionals who advises the agency on matters pertaining to information and activities required to advance its goals and objectives. As an external resource with independent and objective inquiry, if is recognized for its expertise in resolving major challenges.

Field Advisory Board
TeamMX Field Advisory Board

Plans and coordinates TeamMx field operations in each of five geographic regions: Asia-Pacific, Europe, The Americas, Oceania, and Africa. Oversees and manages regional support of field units operations in their assigned areas. Implements and monitors programs of the Global Reach Initiative.

TeamMx Global Reach

The initiative executes agency philosophy, policy, goals and objectives to plan, promote and encourage unified effort to advance human endeavors at the community level. Agency work is channeled as ‘global reach’ to collaborate, plan, educate, train, and support stakeholder efforts

Institute For Global Promise

A virtual education and training institute, a community of energetic people imbued with a shared vision and sound sense of purpose, joined in a combined effort to make a better world through commitment, education, research, and innovation.

Our knowledge-based institutions provides policy-relevant research and analysis to make informed strategic decisions possible, and to provide the public with an understanding of major issues and efforts being made to resolve them.

Burnshire Academy

Provides education and training for spiritual, social and economic progress. Great teachers emanate from knowledge, empathy, awareness, compassion, and justice. Students are the beneficiaries, now endowed with an awesome responsibility.

Center For Actionable Knowledge

An evolving conceptual framework for program activities to reveal 'actionable knowledge' that allows for a change in understandings and actions as new ideas arise. It gives consideration to how creative thought find expression and then adjust based on experience and circumstance.

Prallagon Library

The Library provides support to maximized creative thought in ways that advance human endeavor in a global context. It is a resource for academics, students, aspirants, community members, development planners, social practitioners and others to think, plan, and devise long-term systematic and progressive outcomes to achieve a sustainable future.

Stanwood Center

The Center brings together the academic endeavours of Burnshire Academy and the resource-community to engage in a mutual collaborative experience. The idea is to integrate the knowledge and experience of the community with Burnshire’s educational pursuits to enhance a collective experience.


Global Human Development Initiative

Sustainable achievements

through justice

and sacrificial endevours.

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