Organizational Platform
We are an independent global human development consultancy dedicated to helping individuals, communities, organizations and others to find ways to manage change. We strive to reveal new knowledge, pioneer new understandings, mitigate divisions, resolve disputes, build unity, and foster unified endeavour. Through our advisory platform we engage with the global community to facilitate reaching common objectives, that by working together we will be better able to offer solutions to the many difficult challenges facing us all.
Collective Endeavour
People working together to accomplish a common goal


There is great need for people to work together to resolve the many difficult challenges facing humanity. This will require the Scholarship

" >expertise of the trained as well as forthright approaches from a diverse-many. To facilitate this Cohesive Global Public Policy
" >process we have designed and placed into effect an online system where people can join and collaborate together across vast distances using the wonders of modern technology.


Our network includes Chat & Call, Videoconference, Docs, Telephony, Messaging, Storage, Email, Wiki, Knowledge base, Library, and others. These are just a few of the support features we offer that are free and directly available to facilitate the efforts of workgroups, teams, researchers, writers, special projects, and others to collaborate on major issues impacting global human development.

Workgroups & Advisory
Unified Engagement
Enhanced Creativity


We sponsor a series of workgroups where aspirants collaborative on specific issues, assigned or recommended, agreed upon by all group members. The work includes time-specific tasks along with designated reporting cycles. Completed assignments are evaluated for presentation and publication. If decision is made to publish, all participants share the benefit of name recognition and monetary consideration. We accept recommendations to establish new workgroups.



The advisories are important support structures to our work and administrative functions, both internal and external, from which expertise is received. They function based on assigned positions and report inward to the Directorate. The Advisory Collective is the key element in this process, overseeing the work of its advisory units and consults on all matters of importance. Both it and the Consiliarius Group are premier elements that provide invaluable input to the organization.


Discourse provides means to search out truth that has yet to be found. This is done through shared concern, collective inquiry, and objective analysis.
Private Projects
This group undertakes specifically designed projects that support internal and external collaborative efforts. New members are confirmed by group owner to gain access.
External sources provide quality input to augment Prallagon consulting services. They are recognised for their contributions and share in the benefits.
Advisory Collective
The ‘Advisory Collective’ is the key advisory group within the Prallagon framework. It oversees the work of the Advisory Units (internal).
Advisory Units
Supports the activities of its parent, the Advisory Collective, through research, analysis and documented evidence of its assigned tasks (internal).
Consiliarius Group
The Consiliarius Group are members formed as an external counsel, a specialized resource. They include: specialists, researchers, academia, NGOs, etc. (internal).
Center For Global Dynamics
A platform for people to reach out, learn and communicate beyond cultural differences, release their inner convictions framed to benefit all humanity.
The Directorate undertakes collaborative responsibilities for all internal functions and external operations of the organisation and its components.
This Workgroup is internal and provides executive level administrative and managerial assistance for policy and operating procedures (internal).
You provide the will
We provide the way
If you would like to join a workgroup just sent us your request. State your purpose and what you hope to accomplish. We look forward to hearing from you.


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