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Wishful thinking is not sound development policy as there's a tremendous gap between delusion and reality. Policy must be based on core values and principles inherent to humanity's character.


We Are Motivated

We focus on harnessing those inherent human qualities, of a moral and spiritual nature, and used as bedrock for enduring global human development policy.


Globally, we are faced with unique challenges for which there are no precedence, guidebook or manual.


Humanity has capacity to interact collectively through planning and decision-making to resolve what threatens its progress and development.

Major issues

The ever-narrowing proximity between ethnic groups and cultures, the widening social strata, economic inequality, and expanding religious divides are just a few of the major issues confronting development policy makers.


We devise policy to deal effectively with development challenges, offset negative impacts, and and advance sustainable objectives.


We focus on harnessing for development those inherent human qualities to formulate new approaches to development planning.


core values

entity of one

Humanity is a same-source entity that embodies shared spiritual commonalities that both define and validate it as a noble species, and exist scientifically confortable in its oneness.

Inherent Qualities

Humankind is enhanced by self-consciousness, religious heritage, myriad cultural and ethnic dynamisms, social stratification, creative ability, and diverse thought.

Service to Humanity

The philosophical perspective, concepts, and principles expressed in the ancient 'Philosophy of Tea' are analogous to our efforts to advance global human development.


Global Policy


Sustained Growth

To facilitate the planning process, we will soon make available our internal web-based collaborative system. This is where team leaders, external members, and others participate in hands-on dialogue to reveal 'new knowledge' capable of enhancing the development process.



Finding ways to devise and implement policy that deals effectively with challenges, offsets negative impacts, and advances sustainable development is a major challenge for both specialist and laypeople.



Principals and Standards of conduct pretain to practical approaches to guide sustainable endeavours. It details required bedrock for development policy and human performance, and by its nature is considered to be of ethical value.



We combine lofty ideas with practical strategies based on principles of justice to produce sustainable outcomes. This anchors our approach to global human development based on core values to help guarentee sustainable achievements.

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