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social justice

Keynote Presentation. It provides an overview of community build, it's mission, concepts, principals, goals, and objectives.

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Collective Security

Realise the true nature and value of the human species. Providing means for its collective security will require a dynamic change of perspective.

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Global Public Policy

Identify major issues negatively impacting society. Explore concepts, principles, and approaches that address means for a cohesive global public policy.



Global Human Development

Personal, Organizational & Institutional
Development Projects, Programs & Services

Engineered for Aspiring Visionaries and Classic Workaholics

We gear our projects and programs for action at the level of human consciousness where perception and responsibility engage the type and degree of audacious human behavior needed to advance beyond the superficiality and maladaptive requirements now center-stage and descriptive in the social and economic lexicon.

Mindsets must change if humankind is to avoid stumbling over self-made roadblocks because of its unwillingness and/or inability to part ways with erroneous beliefs, imperialistic systems, and corrupt behaviors rooted in its colonial past.

A new era awaits, even as humanity, in an unrepentant state of mind, continues to languish in a quagmire filled with hopelessness, falsehoods, and impractical dreams; all while instinctively knowing that the past is not the future, but remain unwilling to “bite the bullet” of unrelenting effort and innovative creativity needed to discover, reveal, and apply the new knowledge required to forge those creative pathways needed to sustain humanity through trial and error as it proceeds into future unknowns.

Materialism and adventurism will not get us there. Humanity needs positive, solution-oriented narratives found in the continuing world of learning and progressive training.

Our projects and programs offer clues, to encourage, assist, and guide the design, implementation, and evaluation of innovative and adaptive programs and development projects needed at various intervals and milestones now and with an ‘eye’ toward the future, one yet to be revealed. We also encourage providing advisory services to advance the public’s welfare through ethical, legal, institutional, and governmental managerial duties and functions.

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Positive, solutions-oriented narratives in the Prallagon
world of learning, training, and experience.

Institute For Global Promise

A core challenge faced by the Institute is to understand how and by what means truth can be forthcoming and what action to take when revealed.

TeamMx Global Reach Initiative

Stakeholder assist at the local level. Focused on gaining unified support to advance community endeavours based on principles of justice.

CTR Strategic Knowledge

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Trilateral Operand

Leadership, law, and governance have a unique unifying trilateral role in generating the synergistic energy needed to security society's welfare.

Library and Catalogue

The Library was designed to provide support for research and creative thought to advance human development in a global context.

Specialized Research

Gain insight into the true nature and purpose of humanity. Topics suggested are designed to focus attention on possibilities available.

Stanwood CTR CMTY Partnership

Community engaged learning, research projects, social platforms all within the Prallagon framework as mission essential requirements.

Ctr Actionable Knowledge

Framework to overcome the dichotomy of reducing learning (knowledge acquisition) to a rigid set of rules and procedures.

Burnshire Academy

Burnshire Academy is tasked to spearhead creating new knowledge needed to delineate sustainable pathways into unknown futures.

Community Build Global Extension

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Knowledge Base Depository

An online collection of documentation to provide information on various topics that related to global human development.

Consultation and Collaboration

Bedrock strategy to engage the world’s population in in proactive action to assume responsibility for its collective destiny as an entity-of-one.

Longterm Reality

Our endeavours are for the long-term, both in planning, cycles, and periods of adjustments. This process, its orientation, is to encourage an envisioning of long-term processes and planning, where, throughout various stages, periods, cycles, milestones, etc., adjustments made are based on new knowledge and quality of experience that becomes a part of the mix. This flexibility allows for the continuing discovery of those elements upon which to devise forward-linked creative pathways to ensure humanity’s progressive advance to achieve new realities in its quest to secure a sustainable future.


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