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Our Story

The idea for Prallagon was conceived during 2003 in South Africa. This took place at the end of the founder's two year Africa Research Project which explored through travel, research and interview the basis for development dynamics occurring in eight African countries. This was preceded by a twelve year professional international work experience that included Germany, South Korea and Taiwan, and a development project in Australia. In 2011 Prallagon was formally established as a consultancy to be an effective tool to offset nefarious activities impacting social and economic development platforms, and in the process to pursue an active agenda to advance human development globally.


Prallagon was created to investigate ways in which to advance human development to benefit local communities and expand globally. We soon realized just how daunting a challenge this would be, requiring major problem solving capability. When reviewing current and pass practices, examples of how to create and apply long-term solutions to resolve problems seemed limited.

One question that repeatedly came to mind centered on finding ways to attack problems at their core, the source of conflict. To find the answer to this question we focused on those principles and values that in many ways have guided human endeavor throughout millennia. We decided that human creativity is grounded in spiritual values. This being said, then spiritual values can be appropriated to resolve human challenges.

Pressing forward, decision was made to apply spiritual solutions to problems encountered to derive maximum benefit for long-term gain.


We provide uniquely creative opportunities to engage transitional ideas and innovative approaches to advance human development globally.  Leverage is acquired from our advisory units, technology-based support systems, and feed-back from active social and economic development projects through our web-based resources.  We leverage our knowledge of human relations, leadership requirements, systems analysis, collaborative skills, and technological know-how to enhance human performance as means to provide values deliverable to stakeholders. We consult and advise on all matters pertaining to strategic approaches necessary to resolve major issues. By blending the right mix of resources, information, technology, experience, and collaborative decision-making we are able to advance human creativity and guide it in devising and implement procedures and processes to ensure progressive human development.


Our 'Strategic Concept' outlines in broad terms the purpose, inherent culture, operational frameworks, and policy initiatives that create and support global human development platforms, globally.  It reflects sound internal consensus on the role, mission, strategy, procedures and processes for implementing our policy.

Not an analytical document, instead it outlines specific requirements and capabilities needed to perform core tasks.

● It envisions a global ethic that encapsulates social and economic achievements.

● It seeks to stabilize human populations and devise means to secure the natural environment.

● It takes a holistic approach to global human development by legitimizing those skills and talents inherent in humanity’s diversity, recognising it as a prime resource to means to achieve sustainable outcomes.

● It promotes the use of collaborative decision-making to guarantee input of opposing perspectives for distillation to viable conclusions upon which quality decisions can be made.

● It mandates the enhancement of leadership by integrating a moral component.

● It embraces the opportunity to assist in staging paradigmatic shifts in human thinking, and in ways that support the acquisition of both a global and an empathic consciousness.

● It recognizes those efforts made by development professionals and others who in so many ways helped to make global human development assessable.


Our approach to global human development encourages the release of human potential with focused intent on promoting a proactive culture of moral leadership.

This is leadership able to serve as both beacon and haven for a distraught humanity, mandates human entitlement, supports rule of law, sanctions justice in all undertakings, and partners to introduce ethical performance criteria into systems of governance. We give special consideration to developing those multi-facet capabilities able to induce global awareness, and encourage active participation in processes aligned with emphatic consciousness. All together, we believe these are means for engaging compassionate undertakings in ways that facilitates social and economic progress thats global in scale.

Being privately held, we attribute much of our success to maintaining a viable collaborative culture where dedicated aspirants from diverse backgrounds come together to solve difficult challenges as today’s global decision makers. We build strong relationships with our clients, stakeholders, our partners, and consolidate support from within the stakeholder community. We are distinguished by the strength of our practical approach and collective experience that make possible intellectual pursuits and analytical rigour.

Advisors, consultants and team members comprise a mix of educational and professional accomplishment combined with homegrown expertise. They exemplify profound commitment, and work extremely well together. As a result, we are able to leverage combined strengths to ensure that benefits derived are due to having made the best possible effort. Our work is complemented by extensive networks of leading professionals, academics and industry experts who provide a wealth of knowledge from within their respective field of endeavour.


The planning process involves creating policy and program initiatives that delineate practical approaches to goal accomplishment. They are designed to foster paradigmatic shifts in human thinking, to facilitate focused intent on eradicating corrosive patterns in human behaviour to achieve quality performance.

The initiative details a planning process that aligns mission with vision, embodies methodologies that are in concert with strategic objectives, and directs activities in the performance of high-value tasks.  The entire process is made inclusive to humanity’s rich and varied diversity, upon whose shoulders most of the weight for successful delivery is carried. Due regard is given to the all-important influence of diverse ethnics, cultural values, religious affiliations, gender assignation, and socio-economic systems. They influence personal performance and by extension the inner workings of the larger society. They may also harbor sensitive boundary-laden issues with multifaceted complexities, and must be taken into account when involved in planning.

The planning process must retain a degree of flexibility, allowing adjustments to be made to reflect changes taking place in global environments, and in ways that does not compromise goal accomplishment.


We attribute much of our success to having a collaborative culture where dedicated servants from diverse backgrounds come together to solve difficult challenges as today’s global decision makers. We take a holistic approach to problem solving that focuses attention on human behaviour, its link to a creative diversity that in turn can be use to resolve socio-economic problems  Its a process that manifested a high degree of forthright responsiveness and practical hands-on capability.

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