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What We Do

It's vitally important to our mission that we foster a collaborative team culture to utilize collective skills and experience to advance human development, and in ways that help counter the effects turbulence due to the global transition. Dedicated effort along with intellectual curiosity and comfort with complexity are just a few characteristics required to work with a wide range of problems in challenging environments. To work effective in the global human development arena requires even the most experience of aspirants to dig deep, to find the creative balance needed to achieve the desired results.

Human Diversity

Human development in a global context places humanity’s vast and enormously complex diversity at the center of strategic interests, to create and place for deployment those programs needed to expand and secure progressive and sustainable futures.

Development policy matters because it can help us understand the integral aspects of human behavior, especially in view of shifting human populations, offset potential for turbulence, and increase appreciation for the awesome potential a diverse humanity has to offer.

Acquiring social and economic viability is a key condition because it expands and secures human capability to build stable and inclusive societies globally. Traditional approaches have focused mainly on income equality or some form of material utility. Being limited in scope, they fail to adequately capture the diverse and multidimensional nature of human lives.

Our Strategic Global Human Development (GHDP) approach is a dynamic challenge to static conditions retarding human development. It offsets societal instability to inspire the emergence of a viable global ethos. The GHDP affords opportunity to make inclusive to development planning the voice of ‘diverse-many’ upon whose shoulders the burden for program success will be borne.

From this pool will be harvested the creative genius needed to devise ethical criteria sourced from spiritual values and moral principles, and then made integral to development planning. This approach offers a powerful normative to ensure quality of human life is achieved on a major scale.


We identify qualities and creativity inherent to human diversity to plan strategic and intuitive human development frameworks that correlate well with policy, proposals, standards, and program initiatives. Qualitative analytic infusion is provided to support collaborative intercourse to ensure sound judgments and quality decisions.


We bring together the experience of diverse groups of people—academics, religious faiths, scientists, futurists, laypersons, policy makers, government officials, business professionals, development practitioners, members of non-government organizations, and others to collaborate on issues impacting human existence. The main objective is to determine how certain identifiable characteristics, those inherent but latent in human diversity, can be utilized as foundation elements in planning and implementation procedures, and provide values deliverable to advance global human development platforms.


Operational input supports mission accomplishment by advising on ways to improve program implementation procedures, complete assessments, and engage in follow-up. This is in line with stakeholder expectations, that we provide the level of operational capability needed to achieve superior program performance. To meet expectations, we created integrated networks where strategy and technology meet to provide support for quality in collaborative decisions.


We assist with strengthening processes and procedures inherent to global human development that include internal tasks (strategy, goals & objectives, resource management), planning (proposal delivery, budgetary and finance, stakeholder management), and engagement management (coaching, education, training). This augments internal efforts to deliver on milestones and objectives to support goal accomplishment.


We focus on developing technology-based administrative/management information systems to advance and sustain transitions taking place in development projects. These involving securing applications associated with project management and systems integration processes.

external affairs

The Office of External Affairs and Development is responsible for promoting the organization’s overall plan to strategically advance global human develop. It functions as the major point of contact for media affairs. The external relations effort must develop cooperative relationships with contacts, journalists, public officials, government regulators and others to maintain the organization's reputation and pave the way for future partnerships and opportunities.


Our Support

Our efforts are supported through online Chat & Call, Docs, Telephony, Messaging, Storage, Email, Wiki, Knowledge Base, and Library. These are some of the resources made available free of charge to facilitate the work of our researchers, workgroups, writers and those involved in our special projects.


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