Cohesive Global Integration

Criteria for Innovative Development Policy

Rapid changes taking place in society and increasingly complex global challenges mean that planners and policy-makers must devise unique criteria to create innovative development policy. We discard traditional boundaries of decision making and policy implementation by focusing on humanity as an entity of one. With this principle as a base, inherent human commonalities are criteria used to supplement and innovate policy decisions.

Featured Trilateral System

Trilateral Operand

The trilateral operand is the core construct and synchronized unit that houses the philosophical base and support frameworks that guide our policy initiative. It fuses leadership with a moral component, mandates adherence to law and the acquisition of justice in all undertakings, and integrates ethical performance criteria into systems of governance. It is the framework needed to progressively achieve global prosperity.

Synchronized System

Trilateral systems education is an enabling undertaking that allows people to educate and train themselves in processes associated with leadership, law, and governance. The goal is to enhance planning, policy initiatives, and associated procedures in a synchronized system to create moral and ethical based development platforms.  It requires an appreciation for self-worth, global consciousness, and cultural diversity. It ends with an affirmation for justice.



As servants of the people, leadership carries an awesome responsibility. The purity of motive and quality of mind negates susceptibility for selfish antics and nefarious activities. Quality in leadership requires providing innovative solutions to complex problems.



Law is a stabilizing force for just and fair approaches to problem-solving. It is synonymous with moral and principled leadership through which the positive effects of unity become clear. Law combines with justice as the bedrock for compassion and benevolence.



Governance depends on the practice of virtues, moral principles, and ethical standards of conduct. It must be renown as an enabler of the public good. Having gained the mandate for justice, it vigorously champions the affairs of the disenfranchised.

Policy Initiative for Cohesive Global Integration

The Prallagon policy initiative for cohesive global integration is a voluntary initiative that seeks to advance those inherent human qualities and commonalities as universal criteria to promote knowledge, incite collective will, and encourage unified activities to advance human development on a global scale.

Policy must be inclusive to a diverse humanity with a vision of the future that unites growing numbers into a common cause to address myriad global structural issues and challenges.  Only through an expression of ideas, principles, and aspirations from the greater majority that’s centered in the reality of its oneness, can we hope to advance human civilization and in the process protect the natural environment.

This initiative, though all-encompassing, is not designed, nor does it have the mandate or resources to support, monitor or measure participants’ engagement. Our aim is to ensure that it represents a vision of the future, a future where increasing numbers of people are united in a common cause with the tools needed to build individual and collective capacity to expand the bounds of prosperity.


How it Works 


To lead others, one must be a positive and effective role model. Self-leadership requires gaining an understanding of who you are, what you can do, and where you are going. This knowledge, when combined with internal skills and abilities, will lead to desirable outcomes.

Oneness Principle

The principle of oneness is not just the spirit of brotherhood. It is concerned primarily with those positive human commonalities and all that the term implies.


Development planning is the strategic goals that a person, organization or community plans to meet to advance the human condition within a specified period.  

Serving Humanity

Mankind, its diversity, its ethnicities, its social stratifications, religious dynamisms, and cultural fabrics all require dedicated service at both the individual and institutional level to eradicate human suffering.

Collective Action

Collective action is an operative framework that seeks to produce true alignment of purpose related sectors working on socioeconomic and environmental challenges that offers an improvement in quality of life for disadvantaged populations.


Greater Reality

Policy is often associated with legislation and regulation.  In reality, it encompasses a wide-variety of activities.   The world over, individuals are striving to construct social and economic arrangements that reflect the reality on the ground.  They are devising incremental means of fostering vibrant communities in which members from all backgrounds are both contributing to and benefitting from the common good.

Institutions of Governance

Policy tools must bring about conditions worthy of the highest aspirations of the people.  New patterns of relationships must be established between institutions of governance, local communities, individuals, and society. We must foster and draw from the widespread involvement of a population in consultation on their commonality and shared future to provide quality decision-making on ways of enabling and empowering.

Social Frameworks

Humanity has employed countless conceptual models throughout its history, some contributing to progress and others hindering social and economic viability.  Conceptual models of structural social frameworks must convey what is normal and natural to exert a powerful influence on personal behavior. Individuals tend to make less generous choices the more they are exposed to the self-centered calculations inherent in classic economic theory. Such models influence the structures of society by granting certain kinds of values over others and has misshaped ways of understanding and how the world should be viewed. It is clear that the transformational change required today is for new vantage points from which to face challenges, assess realities, and devise solutions. Such models are of crucial importance because they must help to release latent human potential, provide clarity of thought, illuminate sustainable pathways, and facilitate constructive collective action.

Building Capacity

Enlightened policy empoweres populations to build capacity in individuals and local communities.  This  fosters rapid progress as they develop intellectually, socially, technically, and morally to make informed decisions centered in their aim, inclusive diversity, commonalities, and agency of oneness.  Broad-based social advancement is best served when local populations have the capability and volition to resolve problems on their own. 

Equality And Inclusion

Building societies of equality and inclusion will meet stubborn resistance to be confronted head-on. Formidable challenges such as the concentration of wealth in the hands of a few; the culture of nefarious activities that often afflicts the wealthy and the powerful, but also influence the daily lives of the masses; long-standing forms of prejudice now boldly reasserting themselves in public discourse and also in the formulation of policy and law. However, virtually any population can refashion society when inspired by a shared vision of the future and committed to a common course of action.

empathy and justice

Peoples of the world make up a single human race living in a common global homeland with interconnections inherent on all sides. It binds the welfare of any segment of humankind with the welfare of the whole. This foundation for progress and lasting global development bounds the expansion of empathy and justice. Competing ideologies for power proliferate, and various groups strive to define themselves and their place in the world. Advancing rival conceptions about the primacy of particular peoples attempt to exclude the truth that humanity is on a common journey in which all are protagonists. Recognition of the interconnected nature of humanity is a pivotal consideration in planning, policy, decision-making, collective action, and is key to global security.

Innovative Solutions

Policy Initiatives | Cohesive Global Integration

We address major concerns impacting global stability by introducing solutions that address local, national, and transnational concerns. It includes creating unique programs for global education to garner the expertise needed to resolve major issues.



Global migration.


Building capacity for populations and people.


Global currencies and economic reforms. 


The role of men and women in advancing a unique global agenda.


Cross-border and inter-border communications.


Environmental degradation.


Pathogens and global health concerns.


Advancing technologies and artificial intelligence.

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