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We design our forum for participation by development specialists, policy wonks, stakeholders, and laypersons alike to discuss issues revenant to the advance of human endeavours in a global context; to lay groundwork for creating a framework that develops into a cohesive global public policy; and provide details for creating sustainable pathways to advance and sustain society over the long-term.

We invite all Interested parties, but we recommend that you review material contained on this website prior to signing on.  This will provide you with a perspective on what we are attempting to accomplish.  A straightforward and difficult task, to be sure, but one that’s rewarding. Do join us because your ideas are important.

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Global human development will happen and in ways experienced by all walks of life.  We see this process as based on existing ideas being replaced with newer ones, or improving existing ideas with new understandings.  Don’t fear what you think because when you put your mind to work you may stumble upon something brilliant.  We now require ideas able to form a collective wisdom drawn from a diverse humanity if we are to resolve tough challenges. 


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