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The Prallagon Library provides support to efforts being made by the Prallagon consultancy to maximized creative thought and in ways that will advance human development in a global context. The consultancy focuses on exploiting human commonalities, those positive elements common to the species as a means for development planners, practitioners, and others to think and plan for long-term systematic and progressive achievements able to minimize that which endangers humanity’s quest to achieve a sustainable future.

We judge a library by the quality of materials it contains and how it provides access to those who would research its offerings, two of the most significant factors that dictate a successful design to ensure success in accomplishing its purpose. A well organize and functioning in-house resource library is essential to support the creative working of all internal and external practices. It also supports innovative implementation that provide opportunities for creative expression and exploration of sustainable-build requirements to advance global human development.

Our Approach

The function of our library is to promote awareness, expand knowledge of the sustainable development arena, and provide material that support devising creative solutions to difficult and long-standing problems. Library procedures increases efficiency to explore and compare options and materials to assist your research. Efficiency reduces the time required to complete the process.


Enhanced research and communication techniques share materials, information and data to communicate with researchers, project teams, data analysis, external stakeholders, alliances and partnerships about research choices to support their particular projects.


Reference resources are not available for checkout of the library. You can view them online and some are available for download. There are extensive types of material available that provide quick information on a particular subject and is a significant starting point for your research.


General encyclopaedias are available to provide information about a variety of topics. Using them is an effective way to get a broad overview of your subject. Some encyclopedias provide more in-depth information and is an excellent source to consult for background information on a chosen topic for research. --Click Here


To assist with your research, we provide various lists of books, journals, articles, and other publications that can be accessed for review and purchase from external suppliers such as  Our lists are continually updated, so check back frequently.  If you have items to recommend please contact us as we would appreciate your assistance.

Development Planning

Emergent Global Ethos - Advancing Global Human Development

Development planners must be conversant in the art of leadership, the stabilizing effects of law, and processes associated with integrating ethical performance criteria into systems of governance.  It requires them to have the working knowledge of various languages and in-dept knowledgeable of the sciences. The study of political science for understanding geopolitical systems and the internal workings of sovereigns states is necessary to better understand world affairs.  We find that if planners are lacking in either of these areas, it will compromise efforts to advance global human development. 


Though and Skills enhancement

Having acquired the various skills and attitudes towards learning for successful independent study. Learn More


what we Have learned 

Reflect on and test if what we have learned will achieve our specific learning goals. Learn More


Personal Evaluation 

We must assess what we learn through performance, making a personal evaluation through our accomplishments.  Learn More


Goal Setting 

Goal setting is a process of identifying what you want to accomplish and creating a plan to achieve those desired results.  Learn More


Being Involved

Being engaged in learning is not a passive undertaking.  It's and investment for purposeful activities. Learn More



Study the effectiveness of your learning on how you plan, monitor, gain feedback, and achieve goal accomplishment.  Learn More


For a closer look at the issues associated with our work, see below for a collection of reports, briefs, videos, speeches, articles, testimony, and other information open for public discourse. More subject matter will be added as specific topics are completed. Click images to gain access.

Meaning of Spirituality

Ruth A. Tanyi

Theory & Concept

Framing the Global Ethic

Max L. Stackhouse

Theology Today

Moral Courage



Crossing Cultural Boarders

Marianne McLaughlin

Aboriginal Australian

Reframing Public Discourses

Michael Karlberg

Principles & Concepts

Knowledge: Source of Power



The Art of Consultation



In Search Of Justice



Blog Posts

Global Human Development

Global Human Development

Collective DestinyWe remain committed to the bedrock of a strategy that can engage the world’s population in assuming responsibility for its collective destiny based on the conscious reality of the oneness of humankind. In its wake comes recognition of a species...

Alternative Education

Alternative Education

Changes and developments throughout the world have now reached ‘warped speed’ and educational systems now overtaken by increasing demand for innovation, struggle to prepare already unprepared student populations with the quality of innovative education needed to...

Globalized Education

Globalized Education

Research Proposal. We make a case for devising a formal mandate of globalized (universal) education and its inclusion within a cohesive global public policy framework. Curricula devised for globalized education is inclusive of the criteria we present on this site. It...

Our Response to Questions asked

Do you plan to expand into a digital library?

A digital library is being planned. We will provide source materials that relate to global human development as viewed from our perspective. Widely dispersed information now available online requires consolidation and then made available. Or aim is to select that which highlights our theme.  Subscribers are then free to use this data as bases for their research.

What do you mean by global human development?

At this stage in human evolution, we must be about positive change that’s global in scale.  Our conceptual framework postulates a change in thinking, purpose, and performance through the metamorphosis of individuals and institutions based on the transformative scientific truth that, as a species, humankind is an entity of one, the reality for global human development.   

What is an Emergent Global Ethos?

We feel that humankind’s self-awareness is undergoing a radical period of fundamental transformation.  Initial independent efforts to create a global ethic are evidence that a profound social and cultural evolution now occurs and is a primary step toward recognizing and cultivating a global consciousness that is transforming as a global ethos.

What are your goals and objectives?

Development planning must be all-inclusive, designed to phase-in progressive achievements over extended time-horizons. It must remain congruent with the principle that humankind is a single source entity whose core values, moral and spiritual, are nuclei that forge intrinsic outcomes. 

Why Concentrate on Human Commonalities?

We focus on human commonalities because they are inherent in some fashion, individually and collectively, to all humanity.  But of primary interest are moral values, spiritual principles, and ethical standards of conduct.  These core elements are the basis for building unified effort.  


Religion, in some form, is essential to many people’s lives and a core element in global human development. We focus not on religion, per se, but those spiritual attributes shared in common by the human species and used in context to advance the human condition. We avoid religious controversy.

Become Involved You Are Needed

This activity encourages you to engage in social endeavours, make new friends, establish new and/or current strengthen working relationships, and discover many options and opportunities now available to you. We support you in whatever you would like to do.


Become a volunteer, here or elsewhere.  Explore possibilities and engage the experience to explore ways to make a difference. 


Gain an understanding of the learning programs available.  We need people concerned by the state of human condition to help solve pressing global problems.

Self-directed Study

Self-directed study describes a process in which individuals take the initiative, with or without the help of others, in diagnosing their learning needs.


Mentoring is the challenge for those coaching, mentoring, supervising or teaching adults to design and deliver high-quality solutions to pressing problems. 

Using the Library

The Library subscribes to a large number of online resources to provide information, professional content, and guidance to enhance the learning experience.

Library Services

An introductory guide will soon be available that explains the main types of academic resources to be found in the online library with help to get the best from them.

Search Tools

Our coming How To Guides instruct subscribers on how to use library tools, available resources, reference materials, and compilation links.

Collective Center

We provide space for a collection of information for research and study to provide insights into patterns, trends, preferences in view of global human development.

Online Resources

Why Is Research Important?

Our field of study is human development in a global environment, i.e., global human development.  We pursue not an economic agenda but one that’s more in line with the social sciences.  We promote human commonalities (those inherent qualities of a moral and spiritual nature) as the bedrock from which to plan and devise strategic policy initiatives. 

Prallagon acknowledges that research is important to reveal knowledge that will highlight the need for informed action. Research can also determine if we base ideas on previous studies that may be outdated.  If its new knowledge, then we must decide how it’s used to provide creative solutions to pressing problems and enable humanity to achieve progressive and sustainable outcomes.

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