All things are interconnected and flourish according to the principle of reciprocity. Interconnectedness and reciprocity underlie both the operations of the universe and the responsibilities of humankind, without which existence as we know it would simply not exist.




Core principles that underpin the sanctity of Global Human Development, and at the heart of policy and implementation procedures, are the ethos of oneness and inclusivity.

The guiding principle in this process is 'the oneness of humanity', a strategic category with the intended effect of empowerment. It elicits major paradigm shifts in thinking and understanding about the viability of a diverse humanity and its importance as a species.

Inclusivity denotes the viability of one population helping another, society advancing in a multitude of ways.

This branding rests solidly upon bedrock of legitimacy, those functional qualities of moral values (virtues) and spiritual principals that are inherent mainstays of human endeavour primordially.

Sustainability is dependent upon developing human capability to make meaningful contributions in all populations and for all people. A starting point is principled development policy with focused intent on engendering global and emphatic consciousness'.



The Trilateral Operand is the core component that houses the philosophical base, principles, and support frameworks that power our endeavors. It fuses leadership with a moral component, mandates adherence to law and acquisition of justice in all undertakings, and specify the integration of ethical performance criteria for systems of governance.

These luminaries are entwined to function as a single unit. Problems arise when they are not fully integrated, thereby function far below optimum synchronous capacity; and anything less than optimum is detrimental to justice, and justice must never be placed at risk.

With performance optimized, trilateral systems integration is achieved and the operand is then synergistically capable of relieving much of the burden under which humanity struggles.

As a practicing norm made inherent to development policy, the trilateral operates in concert with the ethos of oneness and inclusivity to ensure specified sustainable goals and objectives are achieved.


Proactive Means

The broad dissonance between ethnic groups and cultures, the widening chasm within social strata, and increasing interreligious and intercommunity conflict are a few major issues with potential to retard efforts to advance global human development. They and many others require our immediate attention, to devise proactive means able to deal effectively with challenges threatening humanity's cooperative efforts to achieve progressive futures.



Collective thought and action with focused intent on resolving mandatory requisites are required to stabilize and advance the social order. Policy initiatives for global human development are a magnanimous affair. They are designed to spearhead social transformation on scales not previously attempted. It will require change in thought and human behavior, and massive social structural reform. The magnitude of effort will require new ways of understanding human beings and the tundra of society as a whole.

  • Promote diversity inclusiveness to develop capacity for meaningful contribution by all people
  • Consider the role of religion in efforts to achieve world peace and prosperity
  • Create models that help release latent human potential
  • Assess and revise assumptions that have helped shaped the current order and structures of society
  • Poverty eradication, rethink classic economic theory
  • Justice
  • Gender equality, eliminate impediments that obstruct its expression in all dimensions of life
  • Practice self-leadership, powerful influence on personal behavior
  • Sustainable pathways, create them to guide human endeavour
  • Focus on family, crucial social environment within which formative education takes place

Global Human Development

Addressing the realities shaping the world we live in

preparing groundwork for true and sustainable progress

Concerted effort:

  • Acquire wider vision & more creative thinking
  • Reassess core beliefs about who we are & the nature of our relationships as a species
  • Engage long range planning that envisions progress over extended time-horizons
  • Provide means that protect the natural environment
  • Establish frameworks for collective thought and action
  • Plan ways to achieve economic viability
  • Secure the public's welfare
  • Address food scarcity
  • Devise public health initiatives

Become Proactive


As the global order becomes more interconnected, interrelated and interdependent the question of how to amiably engage with the magnificence of social, cultural, ethnic, indigenous and religious diversity becomes paramount if global stability is to be assured.

Concerted effort is required by the ‘diverse-many’ to explore humankind’s moral and spiritual commonality to devise long-term solutions to global problems.

Prallagon is deeply involved in spearheading this process. We are dedicated to providing you, the development proponent, with the assistance you need to fully engage this innovative dynamic to foster global human development.


Diversity inclusive discussions of viable ways to devise meaningful solutions to problems affecting the generality of humanity.


Conclusions are presented, dissent encouraged to uncover truths, ideas are reconciled, and majority rule applied.


Devoid of ownership, ideas are presented for review and analysis; discussed, challenged, and synthized for objective consideration.


Requires cooperation among stakeholders, partners, NGOs, Int'l Organizations and others to achieve stated goals and objectives.



We understand the relationship between development theory and organization practice, in particular the key role that stakeholders have in the process. Planning, policy, goals, and objectives must be structure in ways that centre on core human values in order to garner cooperative interchange with stakeholders to achieve positive outcomes.

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