The Prallagon Consulting Group. Charged with providing ‘new thinking’ as means for humanity to move beyond complacency and engage a proactive stance of resolve to create those sustainable pathways needed to realise progressive milestones at planned intervals into the future.

Prallagon Consulting Group


The preamble addresses the guidance implicit to the principle that humanity, as a species, is an entity of one. This is bedrock from which human consciousness can encapsulate not only an awareness of one’s individual self but also that which imbues an inclusive reality, humankind’s collective identity as a unique and complex species.

Humanity must envision a plan for a series of milestones achievable over a long term that, by design, will range far into the out-years. It would include various cycles and intervals of accomplishment that cover at least a two-hundred year period, and with flexibility to make adjustments as required. It is likely that the state of transition humanity is now experiencing will intensity. If so, the future will be thorny and marked by greater turbulence. Therefore, we must prepare as best we can to face a variety of expected unknowns.

Our aim is to practice tolerance, strength resolve, promote unity, and engage those efforts needed to resolve problems affecting humanity; to accept the agency’s mission, principles, and objectives put forth that through dedicated effort will advance the human condition and secure its social and economic viability.

Purposes & Principles

In accord with the above, our mission is to add value to initiatives designed to elevate human consciousness to an inclusive reality and, in this way, foster a cohesive global public policy whose purpose is to advance human endeavours, globally.


We explicate leadership, law, and governance as an actionable concept, a synergistic trilateral that operates to secure the public's welfare.


We explicate leadership, law, and governance as an actionable trilateral concept. It operates synchronistically to generate the lever of synergistic energy and commitment needed to secure the public's welfare. It presupposes unity and diversity inclusion.


The above three luminaries, when entwined, function synchronously as a single operand. As a practicing norm, with performance at or near optimization, the operand is then synergistically capable of relieving much of the burden under which humanity struggles.

Global Public Policy

In the interim, before more enlightened understanding, work towards a strategy that differentiates governance and government. Global public policy uncouples governance from the nation-state and government. To implement such a strategy, policymakers would delegate tasks to other actors and institutions perhaps in a better position to implement it.


Principles must guide humanity on a pathway to unity, secure societal welfare, prevent and ease suffering, protect life and health, achieve global consciousness, and ensure respect for the human family.

oneness of humanity

The oneness principle is not an illusion of brotherhood. The principle implies recognition that we are the consummation of human evolution, united in diversity, but does not ignore the variety of our ethnic origins, of our histories, traditions, thoughts, and languages.


Justice is vital to the establishment of unity and harmony at all levels of society as it is the standard by which individual conduct and collective effort are judged. Justice embodies truthfulness and trustworthiness, the capacity to discern, value, and uphold truth itself.

Societal Security

The aforementioned and the principle of societal security provide the basis for a global public policy; to continue its evolvement and show competing forces the proper role of the individual, society, institutions, government, and governance in an emerging global order.


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