These are practical precepts that guide our endeavours. They detail the most important key elements for our success as a consultancy, which is the ability to generate energy and commitment among people within the organization toward accomplishing critical organizational goals. We firmly believe that righteous principals given first place will not fail to bring forth positive results.



sign of true strength and character

Forbearance is a sign of true strength and character. It demonstrates discipline when overlooking someone’s shortcomings, not making excuses for others, and keeps its composure.

It is a virtue that exercises self-control and responds with patience and compassion when faced with adversity. It demands endurance and tolerance, especially when under duress.

The reward for those who show forth this virtue is that people admire them and become their supporters. Disciplining oneself toward acquiring this noble virtue is one of life’s most valuable and rewarding achievements.


Exercise the pursuit of justice in all undertakings.


Listen, collaborate, and understand issues and cultural needs that make for effective partnering.

Positive Outcomes

Prescribe a set of recommendations that can be customized to best fit stakeholder needs in order to assist them in their efforts to achieve positive outcomes.


Having the right interdisciplinary skills necessary to facilitate the changes required for stakeholder advancement.


Maintain trustworthiness, keep promises, set credible expectations, demonstrate integrity, and follow through to achieve creditable outcomes.





"People must give righteous principals first place, then they will not fail to perform virtuous actions."


When there is little strategic clarity, we must learn to lead more by moral conviction than by a clever delineation of direction. This requires setting an example for skills and actions as well as attitude, and for performance as well as values. In situations where strategies are irrelevant or remain unclear people will usually follow the leader more than the mission. This makes leading by example through moral conviction all the more important.


An infrastructure of spiritual leadership is based on an idea of moral courage exercised through service to humanity. The soul of ethics and of spiritual leadership is an attraction fortified through love and galvanized by moral courage. It rejects coercion to secure desired goals, and understands that these choices undoubtedly will entail some painful decisions and shifts in priorities. “Tough times thus call for courage of conviction, as well as courage in action.”


Trustworthiness is both vulnerable and powerful. Closely related to integrity, it denotes someone who is dependable and reliable. Regarded as a virtue, trustworthiness implies soundness of character, being 'whole or complete'. In today’s world, trustworthiness often remains unspoken, though silent it remains a virtuous agent and foundation builder.


The challenging opportunity we face as a global human development consultancy, lies in devising innovative frameworks to ensure that the input provided by an inclusive and diverse humanity, overwhelmed by desire to secure its long-term welfare, is used to help create those sustainable pathways it needs to achieve progressive futures.


Assisting stakeholders in achieving prosperous futures

Strategic Apporach

Meticulous and consistent in aligning stakeholder needs with consultants’ skill-sets as a strategic approach to problem solving.


Ability to bring the right knowledge and skill-sets to a project and build a relationship of trust with our partners and stakeholders.


Proficient, knowledgeable and experienced. Listen, collaborate and understand issues and cultural needs for effective partnering.

Influencing the way policy is devised and decisions made

From Our Founder

Make Your Own Opportunities

We meet the criteria as outlined in our statement on the ‘principles and standards of conduct’. This means that we are able to maintain the high quality of service for which we are known. It requires dedication to duty, and continuous education and extensive training. This indicates the level of appreciation we have for an extremely complex and diverse humanity, and the high-valued creativity inherent to its multi-faceted diversity. Use this norm to map your pathway.

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