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Pathways to Guide An Emergent Global Ethos

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social justice

Keynote Presentation. It provides an overview of community build, it's mission, concepts, principals, goals, and objectives.

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Collective Security

Realise the true nature and value of the human species. Providing means for its collective security will require a dynamic change of perspective.

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Global Public Policy

Identify major issues negatively impacting society. Explore concepts, principles, and approaches that address means for a cohesive global public policy.

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Goals | Objectives

The mission of Project Central is to inspire, plan, create and develop knowledge-based solutions to guide an emergent global ethos.

The process integrates research, education, practice, and communication across many academic disciplines and internal sources. It encourages enlightened dialogue to foster creative thinking and generate new ideas.

The goal is to promote sound reasoning for well-informed individual and group decision making. Lessons learned from research to real-world experience offer quality help and technical expertise to provide quality solutions to troublesome issues.

This challenge distinguishes itself by reaching out, showing the willingness to engage with the stakeholder community for interactive support, as the nature and complexity of work performed translates theory into practice.

The aim is to gain and introduce new ideas, plans, schemes, concepts, techniques, principles, and methods to help ease the trauma experienced by humanity as it transitions to a new reality. Mission specific.

Unique Opportunity

Project Central is an extensive and intensive undertaken that will test the very nature and purpose of anyone desiring to volunteer their time, abilities, and talents to this service. And service it is because what you have completed will offer means to inspire other to view the world in a different light. In part, humanity is now on a downward slope, evidenced and highlighted through almost all media. Efforts to resolve new issues with age-old solutions prove ineffective. New ways of thinking, new ideas, and new approaches to decision-making are needed to help humanity survive this age of global transitioning. We ask that the challenge you accept (one by us or your own proposal) that it be of high interest to you, that you are committed and willing to undertake, and complete within a reasonable period of time.

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Artificial Intelligence/Blockchain techs

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pathway concept

On Being Human

Aspirations and actions of a responding person facing the pressures, processes and procedures associated with global human development.

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African Spirituality

Holds promise for humanity now transition into a new era where beliefs and practices touch on every facet of human life.

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Indigenous Peoples

Indigenous peoples must have the right to participate fully and actively in their national societies and in decisions that affect them.

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Resource Availability

Our resource base expends over time as new information becomes available. The nature of Project Central requires a wide variety of resources to be available from which to access information for research, education, communication, etc. As the organization grows its potential increases exponentially. This means additional resources will be available for internal access. Plans are underway to make Google Workspace available for individuals and teams actively involved in a challenge through academic work, dialogue, consultation, research, writing, or other form of participation. Meanwhile, additional resources and information about the consultancy's aims, policies, goals, programs, policies, and objectives can be accessed through the links provided below.


Institute For Global Promise

A core challenge faced by the Institute is to understand how and by what means truth can be forthcoming and what action to take when revealed.

TeamMx Global Reach Initiative

Stakeholder assist at the local level. Focused on gaining unified support to advance community endeavours based on principles of justice.

CTR Strategic Knowledge

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Trilateral Operand

Leadership, law, and governance have a unique unifying trilateral role in generating the synergistic energy needed to security society's welfare.

Library and Catalogue

The Library was designed to provide support for research and creative thought to advance human development in a global context.

Research & Analysis

Provide insight into the true nature and purpose of humanity. Pursue topics that focus attention on improving the human condition.

United Nations Dev. program

The UN Development Program aims to accomplish major environmental, world health, global hunger, and other challenges by the year 2030.

Stanwood CTR CMTY Partnership

Community engaged learning, research projects, social platforms all within the Prallagon framework as mission essential requirements.

Ctr Actionable Knowledge

Framework to overcome the dichotomy of reducing learning (knowledge acquisition) to a rigid set of rules and procedures.

Burnshire Academy

Burnshire Academy is tasked to spearhead creating new knowledge needed to delineate sustainable pathways into unknown futures.

Community Build Global Extension

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Knowledge Base Depository

An online collection of documentation to provide information on various topics that related to global human development.

Consultation and Collaboration

Bedrock strategy to engage the world’s population in in proactive action to assume responsibility for its collective destiny as an entity-of-one.

Center for the creative arts

Freedom of expression is essential to the arts and needs to be sustained at the heart of an artistic mission, its endeavor, and practice.


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