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It centers on collaborating for social change in ways that supports progressive human development for the betterment of society. It engages science and religion as means for rising to new and important insights and strategies to advance human development in rapidly changing global environments, and the ultimate goal is to transition toward a more stable, just and peaceful world.

New models of social organization are required to address the complex realities of a world confronted by an increasing challenges, whether environmental, social, or structural. One dimension of this is to discover new forms of governance by first looking at all the systems humanity has at its disposal, and religion being one of the most powerful. Religion is one of the two systems of knowledge and practice that, together with science, has advanced the course of civilization. We must draw on the insights religion provides, its constructive contributions, to navigate the new realities faced in challenging global environments.

NOTE: This project is modeled on the combined efforts by faith-based communities, local organizations, stakeholders, NGOs and others in Spain who are discovering new methods for social governance. As a related project, we are expanding that effort to a wider audience.

Faith-based Model for Governance

This project investigates the contribution of religion to social organization and to governance in particular. It is designed to bring religion into a broader discussion with social actors from government, NGOs, civil society, academia, faith-based organizations, stakeholders in general, and the private sector to better understand the practical problems of governance and explore the possibilities for new models; models inclusive of moral principles, spiritual frameworks, and ethical standards of conduct. The central idea is understand the practical problems of governance, and explore possibilities for developing new models with mandated principles and practical applications.

This brings to focus a breadth of relevant subjects that explore both theoretical and practical aspects of religion’s contributions to social organization, and the historical role it has played in inspiring new modes and patterns of human interaction. These can be used to devise new conceptions and identify principles, approaches, and mechanisms for better decision-making, and more effective forms of governance. This will exert a profound influence on the development of thought and behavior at both individual and collective levels, and the influence on hearts and minds should not be underestimated.


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