Cohesive Global Public Policy

A cohesive global public policy is interactive and interrelates with organizing principles and processes taking place at the community level to advance global human development. It demands leadership and institutional change, both of which require the willingness of public and private actors to cooperate and share responsibility for devising a well-structured and even more well-executed strategy that establishes foundational requirements of a global civil society that’s vital to the legitimacy and accountability of a cohesive globalized public policy. This is a bottom-up approach to human development in a global context and is unrelated to globalization as espoused.

Globalization as used in popular discourses lacks an agreed definition. For our purpose, the term represents a cross-cultural dimension and its integration into organizational frameworks and behavior of society at the grass-roots level.

For our purpose, we describe globalization as a continuous increase of cross-cultural integration of a psychological and socio-economic nature having unspecified dimensions. It fosters interrelationships in ways that first creates and then builds upon extensive systems of interdependency.

This process provides both an opportunity and a basis for reassessing the role of the individual, family, community, education, government, and governance in an era forcefully affected by an emerging global ethos and its multitude of unknowns. We must determine and be prepared for what it all portends for the future of civil society in an integrating world.

All labor that uplifts humanity has dignity and importance
and should be undertaken with painstaking excellence.

-Martin Luther King, Jr.

amalgamated research

Cohesive global public policy for
human development in a global context

Paramount Importance

Global public policy elicit forthright decisions, manifest collective endeavours, and inspire core commitment to the oneness of the human race.



Spirituality is the inner essence of being human, the driver of conciousness and ability, intelligence and creativity, and being bonded with the universe.


Human Commonality

Things that humans share in common that are crucial for quality life: health, justice, consciousness, unity, spirituality, education, security, love, belonging.


gender Justness 

Expressed in family relationships; a just and equal partnership between men and women as a sustaining benefit to society and the expansive global community.  


Species Identity

Humankind exist based on genetics, origins, spiritual perception and consciousness awareness that identify us a unique and noble species.


Globalized Education

Learning to navigate the real-world with acumen and justice and appreciate the capability of a diverse humanity to resolve intractable problems.



A malaise long in the making has overtaken a majority of human society in all spheres around the globe. Its origins are due in part to impractical materialistic assumptions imparted by international marketing media that encourage wealth accumulation to afford that being offered which is least affordable by the masses of humankind. Market forces and companionate operations, among others, have become principal drivers of global poverty.


It is now clear to larger segments of society that sense something is amiss, but not knowing what is happening or why. Conditioned to be dependant on what we are told by government and other actors, has created a dichotomy between that being said and the reality of our experience at ground-zero. Though confusion abounds, efforts are being made to effect change but are resisted by a minority elite. If change is to occur, then it must start with the disenfranchised, the voice of a diverse unheard, who press for fair and inclusive policy to correct inappropriate methods and unjust procedures that belie sustainability.


Pressures mounting on societies due to globalization is taking a massive toll on the human ability to cope with the strain. If this is not changed, society will continue to reap disparities but at the expense of those least accountable. A cohesive globalized public policy will do much to help ease this situation. Perhaps unrealized by many is that is that humanity is being forced by circumstances to find solutions to problems arising from and associated with the diversity of humanity now existing in close proximity to each other. What we have suggested in resolving these problems will come about either through acceptance or by some external force(s) operating in the extreme.


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