Reframing Public Discourse

"A discourse can be conceptualized as an evolving way that people think and talk about a given aspect of reality, which influences their perceptions and social practices in relation to that aspect of reality."

human nature and human potential

When considering the emerging understanding of human nature and human potential, one of the most fundamental normative challenges we face when 7 billion of us need to learn how to live together on an increasingly crowded planet, is learning how to cultivate—more widely, systematically, and effectively—every individual’s latent capacity for cooperation and altruism. The success of such efforts will depend on fostering the individual’s consciousness of the oneness of humanity.

"All mankind is connected through a common humanity, in which each individual is linked
to all others”.

Public Discourse

Advancing reasoned arguments will not realize global human development within discourses that advocate for conflict and injustice. We must reframe the discourses themselves in ways that advance the goals of human development within the frameworks of peace and justice. The social body framework appears to offer this interpretive logic if defined by a core Law in Society

" >commitment to social justice and to advance humankind.

We can understand struggles for peace and justice, in part, as struggles to reframe significant public discourses and apply to a broader view that encompasses humanity.

'To recognize that “all people are one” is to recognize the essential unity and interdependence—or oneness—of the entire social body. This recognition entails a radical reconception of the relationship between the individual and society, the implications of which were alluded to above with the introduction of the social body metaphor: In an interdependent social body, the well-being of every individual or group depends upon the well-being of the entire social body; and this can be achieved only by maximizing the possibilities for every individual to realize their creative potential to contribute to the common good within empowering institutional structures that foster and canalize human capacities in this way.'

Intergroup Relations

Reference:  Forming a Culture of Peace: Reforming Narratives of intergroup Relations, Equity, and Justice.  -Karina V. Korostelina (ed.), Palgrave Macmillan: 2012.

Critique: Reframing Public Discourses for Peace and Justice.
-Michael Karlberg

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