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Research & Analysis

Provided below are links to reliable research and analysis sources that analyze global events to include Europe, Africa, The Americas, Asia, and the Middle East. They contain information from recognised research institutions, advisers, and regional expertise. Our aim is to provide an opportunity for the reader to understand the magnitude of problems faced by humanity and those who aspire to help shape solutions as ‘unity in purpose’ to advance civilization.



Opinion & Support

It is here that the aspirant can access various resources that provide opinion and analysis of research, activities, and event taking place around the globe. Not all inclusive, but provides only a sample of the wide variety of information available to assist your research efforts. Here are quick links to our ongoing efforts: Project Central for an internal review, discover the importance of Global Promise to the entire process, learn how the Stanwood Center promotes community partnerships, the sustaining requirements of the Global Reach Initiative, and the importance of the Center for Creative Intelligence in bring together data from across the spectrum of all internal advisories and supporting systems to ensure the mission of the Burnshire Academy remains foremost in innovative criteria to advance its education and training modules.

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The question before us

How do we advance knowledge in the many fields of human endeavour to overcome social, economic, and political strife in order to advance civilisation itself?

Systems of education must be transformed, as well as the restructuring of economic life based on justice and the exigencies of the oneness of humankind.

We must discover new ways for community life to flourish, freedom expressed, authority transformed, and government imbued with ethical criteria.



What We Offer

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Our perspective on global human development articulates views, policy statements, and services to support community building efforts at the national, regional, and local community level of a specified country.

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Our staff, partners and support elements provide the development theory, data sources, analysis, methodologies and applications across various fields of endeavour. This provides opportunity for implementing our distinct services and strategies.


We Work With The like-minded All Around the World to seek solutions to difficult challenges

“For me, I am driven by two main philosophies: know more today about the world than I knew yesterday and lessen the suffering of others. You'd be surprised how far that gets you.”

Neil deGrasse Tyson

American astrophysicist, planetary scientist,
author, and science communicator.



Blog Posts

Local Indigenous Knowledge

Local Indigenous Knowledge

International Conference on Local [Indigenous] KnowledgeThe International Conference on Local [Indigenous] Knowledge is an annual conference first started by the Local Knowledge Secretariat of the Universiti Sains, Malaysia, in 2011. Its aims are to discuss the...

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Civic Culture

Civic Culture

Species identity in the future community of global consciousness will not be a concept that gains ascendancy over other identities, and will threaten no one. It will rather be a crowning awareness of how all human identities crafted over time come together in a common. . .

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moral philosophy of global human development

The Moral Philosophy of Global Human Development implies that holistic ethics and human commonalities are based on the oneness of humanity, the principal that conveys moral values with insights into what makes up human nature itself. It asserts the value of ecological, social, and economic wellbeing as fundamental rights of all peoples, and provides a means to ensure the world remains fit for human habitation.



Challenge & Solution

Question the knowledge systems that have given shape to the present order and reveal its defective elements.

Seek to replace them with definitive structures of a future society, and with the Strategic Knowledge of how to construct them.

Resolve to build distinctive community life with world-embracing opportunities based on Actionable Knowledge and with moral courage to complete the process.

Solutions in context.



Other Projects

project one


Ecology is the scientific study of the interactions of living things with each other and their relationships with the environment. Considered to be a major branch of biology, it has a more broad scope of examining the interactions between organisms and the environment. This provides a basic understanding of the richness of life on earth and how to protect it from the threat of human activity.

project five

Economic Viability

At present, economic issues are baffling the minds of world leaders and economic professionals alike. We give credence to the spirit that permeates economic life and champion those principles upon which to create institutions able to achieve economic viability, with emphases placed on efforts to abolish extremes of wealth and poverty.

Community Service

Community service focus on the lives of well-respected people engaged in unpaid work performed for the benefit and betterment of their community. Community service is distinct from volunteer work in that it is not done for compensation or on a compulsory basis. It is a service performed to improve the lives of the community through moral leadership and as an advocate for principles of justice.

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Food Scracity

According to the FAO, moderate or severe food insecurity has been climbing slowly for six years and now affects more than 30 percent of the world population. Severe food insecurity can be corrected to provide affordable healthy diets that are sustainable and inclusive. This project joins with the FAO in its effort to as a powerful driving force towards ending hunger, food insecurity and malnutrition.

project four

Constructive Discourse

A new style of communicating of an authoritative nature to speak, write, and communicate in a way instantly recognised and welcomed by a majority of the world's people. No matter the language, culture or social condition, but of a style able to communicate through recognised forms of language, to write about a topic and be well understood. Not a new language, but an adaptable style.

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Global Health

Addressing health disparities in underserved populations begins with an innovative idea. We encourage research projectss for a variety of global health issues affecting human populations around the world, but also understanding that a common misconception is that the global health problem is abroad because it makes people uncomfortable to look at health issues on their own doorstep.


Global Reach Initiative

Sustainable achievements

through justice & sacrificial endeavours

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