Research & Analysis

Linked on the left are the connections that will provide resources necessary for trustworthy research and analysis. They include data from internal research units, academic advisories, and local community knowledge garnered from our extensive field experience. Our goal is to provide you, the researcher, with a chance to comprehend the issues facing humanity and those efforts needed to work toward “unity in purpose” in order to resolve difficult challenges that will improve the status of social good.
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Ideas & Opinions

It is here that the aspirant can access various resources that provide opinion and analysis of research, activities, and event taking place around the globe. Not all inclusive, but provides only a sample of the wide variety of information available to assist your research efforts. Here are quick links to our ongoing efforts: Project Central for an internal review, discover the importance of Global Promise to the entire process, learn how the Stanwood Center promotes community partnerships, the sustaining requirements of the Global Reach Initiative, and the importance of the Center for Creative Intelligence in bring together data from across the spectrum of all internal advisories and supporting systems to ensure the mission of the Burnshire Academy remains foremost in innovative criteria to advance its education and training modules.

Moral Philosophy

A Moral Philosophy of Global Human Development implies that holistic ethics and human commonalities are based on the oneness of humanity, the principal that conveys moral values with insights into what makes up human nature itself. It asserts the value of ecological, social, and economic wellbeing as fundamental rights of all peoples, and provides a means to ensure the world remains fit for human habitation.


We Work With like-minded People Around the World to seek solutions to difficult challenges⎯

◆Question the knowledge systems that have given shape to the present order and reveal its defective elements.

✦Seek to replace them with definitive structures of a future society, and with the Strategic Knowledge of how to construct them.

◆Resolve to build distinctive community life with world-embracing opportunities based on Actionable Knowledge and with moral courage to complete the process.

✦Provide solutions in context.



Define how to advance knowledge in the many fields of human endeavour to overcome social, economic, and political strife in order to advance civilization itself.


Systems of education must be transformed, as well as the restructuring of economic life based on justice and the exigencies of the oneness of humankind. In this way we can discover new ways for community life to flourish, freedom of expression, means of authority transformed, and governments imbued with ethical performance criteria.

Research & Analysis

Research is the process of finding information, while analysis is the process of evaluating and interpreting that information to make informed decisions.


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