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Proactive Planning

The complexity of increasing global challenges requires us to shift our thinking from a static to a proactive mode. Planning, public policy, and systems of governance must adapt and in ways that meet the demand for a comprehensive Strategic Knowledge
" >insight into those corrective measures needed to resolve humanity’s problems.
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United Nations Goals

The UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goals are the blueprint to achieve a more sustainable future for all. However, they address the global challenges we face but do not stress an interconnect with humanity’s moral, ethical and Spiritual
" >spiritual attributes, commonalities to support UN goals.  It requires additional research.  
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What the public knows and thinks can have important implications for the design and the success of a Cohesive Global Public Policy
" >cohesive global public policy. We need research to both measure public Prallagon and external sources present an arguable opinion on a particular topic to provide a position in a specific matter.
" >opinion and to garner public support for inclusive global policy that accounts for human diversity and political, social, education, and business institutions.
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Monumental Task

We face a task with monumental proportions, how to translate a principle as lexicon into the public’s consciousness that, according to science, humanity lives as a complete, diverse and complex species of one, understanding that it is the basis for creating Plans, policy, and initiatives that delineate means (i.e., sustainable pathways) to realize longterm systematic and progressive achievements in the global human development environment.
" >sustainable pathways to achieve prosperous futures.

Our Research Agenda

We conduct interdisciplinary research to better understand the principals of global human development and what they mean for cultural and ethnic identities. 

Our research agenda focuses globalization trends such as a transnational economic system, global communications networks, immigration, and population mobility, health and public wellbeing, environmental degradation, widening social inequalities that are challenging national and regional entities, and how these impact on individual social and cultural practices.


A deeper understanding of these challenges and their effect on cultural and economic change is necessary to create an effective cohesive global public policy and initiatives to guide globalization and manage its attendant ethos in a secure and effective manner.


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