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We envision scholarship as an academic study or achievement that makes up learning at a top level.  However, ‘top level’ and ‘achievement’ does not require institutional enrollment or endorsement.  Many who remained unaffiliated with an academic institution made significant contributions to the world.  They showed profound mental capacity, capability, creativity, and quality of mind in the work they achieved.  Therefore, we will not attempt to provide a narrow definition for ‘scholarship’.

Scholars and researchers (institutional and non-institutional) serve an interdependent and interrelated world where they engage in sustaining crucial dispositions analogous to independent thought on various issues.  It is a process that enhances peoples’ abilities to explore opportunities to examine the forces operating in society and by extension the global community.  Scholars must take responsibility to find out truth and present it in ways that provide a fuller understanding of the subject-matter being considered, and to ensure that the quality of their scholarship reflects high endeavour.

Scholarship often involves divergent points-of-view and methodologies but remain crucial to the creativity required to provide the means to advance human endeavours in a global context.  It is a process best achieved by reflecting on ways to engender a collaborative culture that nurtures their combined efforts in an environment that encourages an inner-play with cross-sections of inter-disciplinary perspectives to create synergies that provides new thought dynamics.

intellectual honesty and humility

To argue that something was true because it appears desirable and necessary compromises the essential truth and must avoided.

scientific investigation

Be open-minded when searching after the facts of any matter and interpret those facts and evaluate the evidence by logic and truth.

Human Understanding

A sound knowledge of history, science, the arts, and also of social and economic subjects is of great help in expanding human understanding.

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