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Executes the executive mandate and handles the administrative aspects of the organisation, to include its comprehensive agenda, correspondence, media, stated goals and objectives, advisory and consultative mediums, and related functions and procedures.
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Mission Objectives

The Secretariat serves to support the directorate. The office provides assistance for the functions and complexities of the consultancy, central activities and coordination, provides administrative help, and serves as ex officio of the Advisory Collective. Duties include handling human resources and personnel issues, handles correspondence and finances, and responsibilities associated with data storage and management of the organization’s databases.



Collects and organizes information received from key advisories for ease of accessibility by the Directorate. Setup and coordinates consultative sessions through which the Directorate and it’s key advisories decide on mechanisms to plan, desive, and create new policy initiatives.


The secretariat implements organization policies as handed down by the directorate. Without decisions-making powers, the secretariat consults with agency staff on internal issues presented and acknowledged by management.


The secretariat handles media requests and works with the Consiliarius Group to ensure proper preparation and coordination response; organizes meetings and conferences, and prepares a newsletter publication for consultancy staff and the public’.


Working with key advisories, the secretariat collects data that documents social, economic, technological trends of a local, national and global nature to access current or foreseeable problems that may have serious impact on sustainable development programs. Information gained assists the decision-making process to develop new programs or updating old ones.


Global Human Development Initiative

Sustainable achievements

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and sacrificial endevours.

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