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Reshape Scholarly Inquiry

Delineate research studies, inquiries, plans, procedures and functions to postulate global shift requirements inline with the trilateral stratagem and the oneness of humanity as the foremost guiding principle.

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Amid a transformative global shift, we must position ourselves to change the research agenda to a trilateral stratagem (leadership, law and governance) and reshape our thinking about the challenges we face and the guidance needed to engage an emerging global ethos.

Leadership, law and governance, designated as a Trilateral Operand, is the core construct housing the philosophical base and support within the Prallagon framework that guide policy endeavours. It fuses leadership with a moral component, rejects nefarious activity, upholds law as the stabilizer in society, requires adherence to justice in all undertakings, and provides for the embodiment of ethical performance criteria into systems of governance.

These three luminaries—leadership, law and governance, when entwined, become synchronous as a single paradigmatic operand, a proponent for justice. Its primary focus and ultimate intent, with performance optimized, is to be a practicing norm harboring potential to relieve much of the burden under which humanity struggles. 


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Framework to secure a globalizing world

The Academy draws upon the knowledge and experience of visionary and creative minds from all walks of life—scholars, students, officials and others gather to research and exchange ideas on ways to manage an emerging global ethos and best govern societies in a globalizing world.

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Interactive Proponents

Distinguished visitors, iconic leaders in the business and diplomatic community, and notable academics share expertise in their noted fields of endeavour through forums and lectures. Through supportive, collaborative and learning atmospheres, students, faculty and visitors can delve into major issues to gain new insights and fresh perspectives on requirements for initiating global public policy.

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