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Introduction (Part Three)

Oneness Of Humanity: Spiritual Dimensions

The oneness of humanity, in the spiritual context, identifies yet another property assigned as a viable element within the GOAL of this series with four or more parts; to convey a holistic understanding of human life on Earth, a circumstance rooted in a history that projects the human species on a trajectory of mutual effort. This understanding represents a collective experience that, of necessity, allows humankind to attain the level of conscious reality where it understands itself as an entity of one and accrues the benefits to be derived.

In World Order: Genesis of Change(Part One) we provided an outline of Human History since the 15th century, with discourse centered on Europe, perceived, then and now, as the source of civilization. But recent and ongoing discoveries in archeology and anthropology provide holistic scientific evidence that questions this assumption, providing evidence that also contradicts the systemic prejudices rooted in western academic discourse. We are now being provided with inclusive, factual, and impartial narratives of humankind’s progressive development, and those contributions made by innumerable sources that advanced civilization.

In World Order: Genesis of Change (Part Two) we explore the oneness of humanity within a Religious Context; examining its appearance in recognized religions, new religion claimants, and the dimension of oneness based in Animism.


Oneness is both a spiritual principle and a term that refers to an ‘experience’ based on non-ego-centric identities with unlimited boundaries. It connects to the inner truth of every individual and, following certain traditions, signifies the attainment of a consciousness and interdependence of substance and cognition in the realm of space-time actuality; a supreme occurrence that portends humanity’s spiritual receptivity with that which emanates through designated Luminaries, a sourced attribute of the Divine Entity.

■ Spirituality relates to the inner being of each person, at the core of human existence. It originates from what Western religious parlance knows as the Soul, which designates an individual as human, and the Soul is the origin of self-awareness and human intelligence endowed with infinite creativity. Spirituality emerges from this source that through human thought, intelligence, and actions to embrace in profound ways the natural environment. As an inherent interdependent property(?), it identifies and gains strength and delivery through an interrelating process that is associated with properties of the Divine Entity revealed through progressive Revelation, also a beneficiary of the Soul.

■ Acknowledging the principle of Oneness, humanity is a unified entity, activates awareness that humans make up a single race. This unavoidable fact represents a crucial milestone in advancement of humankind in the global context.

■ Human life, at its current stage of evolution, is not mechanical but requires making choices with continuous effort to strive and find a meaningful purpose that is justifiable; to focus on the underlying truths of human nature, how to embody them through personal development. Faced with the couscous reality of humanity’s oneness, the sublime state of human existence, means to examine the vast and complex nature of human diversity to reveal its interconnectivity, and foster understanding of its importance in securing the future of humanity.

■ To reiterate, the Oneness principle relates to a spiritual dimension in life. It highlights an appreciation for nature’s harmonious acquisition, manifested as the need for humanity to find a sense of peace and belonging. Achieving a move into oneness means to embrace life with full intent and responsibility, to treat everything and everyone with respect and reverence, realize your connection to existence, and persist in an unrelenting process of reeducation; heal personal wounds, correct age-old distortions and misperceptions about humanity, especially its diversity, and the means of its existence.

■ Despite humanity’s turbulent history, philosophers, and religions entities have expressed oneness as a desired attainment, a formable resource that extends far into antiquity. Creating oneness, a unifying force, is something that will take determination, persistence, and the willingness of humans to compromise and work together. In a perfect world, humans achieve an instant occurrence, but in reality, vast complexities combined with centuries filled with historical distortions and misguided multi-diverse opinions will make this difficult. Even with dedicated individuals and their collective efforts, it will take time, perhaps eons, to reveal those foundational requirements that through innovations in education and societal enlightenment, that with unbridled persistence will see the advances made to achieve the goal, ever-prospering futures.


The oneness of humanity is a viable and far-reaching resource that harbours unlimited potential; a spiritual principle that cannot remain inactive, hidden, or isolated, as its activation will bring about a reconstructed society with profound outcomes deemed necessary to advance civilization. Therefore, we consider oneness an integral part of the actions we must take to create and implement those sustainable pathways needed to bring about progressive futures.



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The principle of oneness is inherent to research, education, scientific studies, and objective analysis to devise systematic processes and procedures associated with community build. It bridges the gap between where humanity stands today and our ability to achieve continuing progressive futures based on well-conceived milestones and objectives. Access (Part Four), the strategic planning module below:

⎯Strategic Planning Module: The Process of Community Build.


     ⎯Previous, Part Two; Oneness of Humanity: Religious Context.


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