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Moral principles and spiritual values in many ways have guided mankind’s  endeavors throughout millennia. The challenge before us is how they might be appropriated through proactive engagement to resolve current and future human challenges.

Knowing: The Power of Spiritual Reality. An authentic life is one of making distinctions about the nature of reality. By Natasha Derm. Huffpost

Role and Significance of Religion and Spirituality in Development Co-operation. Religion and spirituality are sources of world views and views of life; they constitute creative political and social forces; they are forces for cohesion and for polarisation; they generate stimuli for social and development policies; they serve as instruments for political reference and legitimacy. Development co-operation cannot afford to ignore religion and spirituality. By Anne-Marie Holenstein. Swiss Agency for Development and Co-operation

Valuing Spirituality in Development. Initial Considerations Regarding the Creation of Spiritually Based Indicators for Development. A concept paper presented to the "World Faiths and Development Dialogue," hosted by the President of the World Bank and the Archbishop of Canterbury at Lambeth Palace. London, England. Baha'i International Community Statements

Spirituality: a development taboo. Spirituality is central to many of the daily decisions people in the `South’ make about their own and their community’s development, including that of whether or not to participate in risky but potentially bene® cial social action. Despite its importance, development literature and development practices have systematically avoided the topic of spirituality. This avoidance results in inferior research and less effective programmes, and ultimately fails to provide participants with opportunities to re ̄ect on how their development and their spirituality will and should shape each other. The author offers some possible explanations for this and suggests ways in which to address spirituality in development theory and practice. By Kurt Alan Ver Beek. Development in Practice

The Role of Spirituality in Human Development and Identity: An Introduction. In this part we explore the role of spirituality in human development from several vantage points with a mix of perspectives, all based on a concern for the lack of consideration of the spiritual in existing developmental theory particularly in the lives of children and youth. By Daniel G. Scott. Springer

Fostering spirituality in community development: the role of soul. This paper argues that a need exists for spirituality to be incorporated into community development. Such a process necessitates a clearer understanding of spirituality’s defining essence. By Brian Spittles. Spirituality and Health International


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