Virtues and Values

Aug 18, 2017 | Standpoint

Values Deliverable

A virtue is a universal value if it has the same value, purpose or worth for everyone. We place value in global context to identify its relationship with human diversity. This view has foundation in the unmistakable belief that humankind as a unique and noble species resides scientifically comfortably within its oneness. Virtues and values by which this oneness abides are sourced from moral and spiritual principals, the bedrock that has sustained it throughout untold millennia.

‘If values are the goal, virtues are the way to get there. A virtue is a characteristic of a person that supports individual moral excellence and collective well-being. Such characteristics are valued as a principle and recognized as a good way to be. Virtues are innate good qualities or morals within people.’

‘Spheres of human values encompass morality, spiritual perspective, human creativity, aesthetic preference, human traits, human endeavor, and social order. Whether universal values exist is an unproven conjecture of moral philosophy and cultural anthropology, though it is clear that certain values are found across a great diversity of human cultures.’

Prallagon deals with virtues and values as basis for practical human performance criteria, while studiously reframing from being entangled in esoteric discussions.

Scholarship seems to avoid equating virtues and values as necessary elements to be incorporated in development planning. Perhaps there is fear that it would impinge upon peoples’ religious beliefs, though these same elements are expressed in the sacred texts of all major religious faiths, their offshoots, and related historical records. They are also found in animistic beliefs.

It’s an unavoidable truth that religion has played a major role in the advancement of humanity though out untold ages, and from which vast civilizations have come into existence. It would be unfair to deny the tremendous role that religious faith has played to edify humanity, irrespective of myriad divisive power struggles that perpetuated ruinous conflicts carried out in its name. A large percentage of humanity is in some way connected with and influenced by religious teachings, finding therein a major source of inspiration, and it would be foolish not to consider this as being important to development planning. To advocate a particular religious faith or belief would potentially limit almost any global human development program. We must find ways to incorporate those virtues and values common to all, have identity within the vast majority of humanity, into developing planning and associated processes. This will certainly inspire and ensure the level of human performance needed to achieve program success.

Humanity is bonded through its oneness, spiritual commonality, and infinite creative potential. We must change our thinking to be inclusive, to be empathic, to appreciate those unique characteristics inherent to humanity’s vast and complex diversity. This is the way forward as the global community evolves. We must create those foundational requirements needed as values deliverable to successfully guide it, and to manage its emerging ethos in ways that will help guarantee a secure, just and stable future.



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