Global Action Plan

World Order: Genesis of Change (Part Four)

World Order Genesis of Change embodies success that is contingent upon the principle of Oneness as the conscious reality of humankind as a unified entity; a single species with spiritual perception, boundless intelligence, and infinite creativity that’s crucial for attaining insight into potential solutions to problems faced by humanity. Oneness, this forward-based visionary inclusivity, plays a crucial role in advancing human affairs, and whose elements are inherent to actions stipulated within the plan and its activities to foster genesis of newly devised world order environments.

All ideas, elements, plans, methodologies, activities, and solutions associated with Prallagon’s consulting activities and perceived outcomes are found within those frameworks described above. We present them as guidelines, possibilities for change, using them to inspire human willingness to promote and engage in activities that edify humanity, and delineated within the module listed below.

future vision plan2

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