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We support community-engaged learning, social activities, and research projects. WITHIN THE Starwood FRAMEWORK, THEY ARE CONSIDERED as mission essential requirements to advance the community's collective endeavours.


Stanwood Centre for Community Partnerships brings together the aspirations and endeavours of the resource-community in line with agency goals and objectives. Aspirants attempt to integrate basic aspects of their work: research and knowledge, individual and collective will, and active participation in society to disseminate soundness of thought and pursue the aim to discover new understandings about life and comparative social processes.


Our program, ‘Participatory Community Activity (PCA)’, offers evidence-based, people-orientated inquiry into positive tracks for community uplift. The PCA is an innovative social alternative that focuses on building community relationships through spiritual solutions to problems. Non-religious in scope and intent, recognizes an individual’s need for faith-based inspiration, but avoids apostatized incursion. This means that we give religious diversity the due respect it deserves, while we focus on the spiritual core inherent to each individual, drawing from it a collective response to resolve social ills.


The PCA approach is action orientated, meaning that it emphasizes participation by community members in view of diversity inclusion. It seeks to promote understanding of the world in which we live, its diversity and divergencies. This is a collective inquiry that addresses issues important for community members. Its foundation is based on collaborative experience and reflection, that through dialogue and consultation, practitioners of this approach find courage to ensure quality in decisions that are appropriate to community advancement.


Our focus is on enhancing a mutual experience through research and establishing a strong working relationship. This involves sharing knowledge to build and strengthen capacity that lives in the community; to broaden understanding of the world and foster change through a planning, collaborative and consultative experience based on intuition, reflection, and inquiry; and through community controlled experimentation grounded in knowledge and factual social history. 


This process allows for internal/external inquiry by aspirants to weave together learning, personal growth, ethical values, and standards of conduct to build capacity at the resource-community level that engage the common good.


We envision the resource-community as a broad-based concept with no particular fixed physical location. It pursues the goal of working with internal and external sources in mutual respect for learning and understanding of the difficulties faced to advance sustainable achievements in often unstable social environments. 


Community-based learning and community-based research are part of our efforts to sponsor and encourage diverse volunteer and work-study opportunities. In this way, we established a strong bond between the resource-community in order to achieve broad-based goal accomplishment.


One of the great strengths of participatory action research is its ability to raise the capacity of a community to become protagonists in the systematic generation of knowledge, and its ability to generate contextualized knowledge in ways that are revenant to the needs and conditions of particular communities. This is a similar process that we employ through our Global Reach Initiative. Both involve efforts designed to distill from contextualized knowledge being generated through participatory action and research to share knowledge and practices at national and community; with usage beyond national boundaries.   

Prallagon Consulting Group acts as a guide to encourage discovering who we are, what we do, and what we represent. It provides information about experiences, activities, programs, and projects put forth for constructive community engagement, permeate through global influence.
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  • Named For: Dr. Stanwood Cobb
    (Nov. 6, 1881 – Dec. 29, 1982)
    Educator, Author, Humanitarian.

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