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Stanwood Center

Community Partnerships

We support community-engaged learning and community-engaged research as a Burnshire Academy mission essential requirement.

The mission of the Stanwood Center For Community Partnerships is to bring together the academic endeavours of Burnshire Academy and the resource-community to engage in a mutual collaborative experience. The idea is to integrate the knowledge and experience of the community with Burnshire’s educational pursuits to enhance a collective experience. It will also provide for external inquiry to allow aspirants the opportunity to weave together their learning, personal growth, ethical values, and collaborative experience at the resource-community level as a mutual good.

We envision resource-community as a broad-based concept with no particular fixed physical location. It pursues the goal of working with external sources in mutual respect for learning and appreciation of the difficulties faced to advance sustainable achievements. In this way, we form strong bonds between the resource-community, our aspirants, faculty and staff in partnership for goal accomplishment, and community partners from both the local Lewiston-Auburn community and beyond.

Community-based learning and community-based research is part of the Prallagon experience to encourage and sponsor diverse volunteer and work-study opportunities.

We hold discussion groups and forums where aspirants, community, and public voices come together to collaborate, discuss, analyze, and deepen the practice of community partnership to help solve some challenges now faced by and inclusive humanity.

Our website is a guide to who we are, what we do, and what we stand for. It provides information about our activities and programs that offer a sense of community engagement.
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Stanwood Center

Subsidiary of Prallagon Consulting Group

Named for Dr. Stanwood Cobb (Nov. 6, 1881 – Dec. 29, 1982), Professor, Author, Humanitarian.

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Global Human Development Initiative

Sustainable achievements

through justice

and sacrificial endevours.

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