Diversity Reliant

The strategic criterion for a cohesive global public policy focuses on those principles and values (spiritual nature) that have guided humanity’s endeavor throughout millennia.  These make up the criteria needed to plan a cohesive global human development strategy. However, such a strategy cannot portend a paradigmatic change in how we think and go about resolving intractable problems unless we frame it in a context that humanity as a single identifiable species advances and survives because of its inherent diversity-reliant character.

This principle that defines humanity’s oneness supersedes ideas of ‘brotherhood” to embrace the scientific rendering that its unique biology identifies it as a single species; being endowed with conscious knowledge of itself it can investigate the reality of existence and its place within it; and the species can change the natural environment to ensure its very survival.  This reality when coupled with a proper mode of response will change how we think about the human species, our understanding of ourselves, and the very nature of human society.

This core theme reoccurs throughout our work to show its importance in human society.

Bold Thinking

We must plan to advance human development in a way that benefits local communities and expand their influence on the global stage, to realize just how daunting a task this will be, and that it will require major problem solving capability. When reviewing current and pass practices, examples of how to create and apply long-term solutions to resolve social and economic problems seem limited.  Even if changed, they still lack resolve and viability to meet the challenges humanity faces in this era and future occurrence.  It will require bold ways of thinking to encapsulate the advance of the human condition within a much broader context.

A question of great importance: "How to identify and attack problems at their core, the source and cause of conflict?”. To restate, the answer lies in identifying those principles and values that strengthened human capacity and gave it the will and creative ability to adjust and survive throughout its history; no doubt grounded and bound by the spiritual core that marks its existence.  That being said, we must learn to expropriate that resource to be proactive in our planning and implement solutions to resolve current challenges and project future occurrences to derive maximum benefit for long-term gain.

Problems we face are of our own making, and it is we who must devise solutions.

analytical skills

By bold thinking we mean to access the current condition, engage sound analytical skills, acquire leadership acumen, and plan progressive outcomes.

Spiritual Solutions

At this stage of human evolution, to find means to apply spiritual-based solutions to social and economic problems is necessary. It would mean that we are serious about devising incisive methods to drive systematic and progressive achievement that extend over distant time-horizons.

Sustainable Pathways

Spiritual based solutions achieve fulfillment because they tap into the core of human existence to provide the bases for creating sustainable pathways when deployed will advance the human condition global in scale.

Human Diversity

Challenges we face are because of our negative assumptions about humanity that remain from our chaotic and unsustainable past. By acquiring a new mind-set, we give special attention to our diversity as it is the prime resource able to provide insight for planning those strategic requirements needed to map and guide humanity in its quest to achieve a sustainable and progressive future.

Global Crisis

Humanity is in crisis, experiencing an unprecedented degree of global turbulence inclusive of social, economic, and environmental conditions. This is the situation that both confronts and confounds a moribund leadership that lacks creativity, ability, and willingness to do what’s needed to edify and strengthen a global citizenry. Leadership remains fixated on age-old customs, traditions, and methodologies that have longed proved unable to resolve current global challenges.  In this confusion, we offer a view of the requirements necessary to devise a cohesive global public policy initiative with the viability that’s needed to help resolve this problem.


Planners ◆ partnerships ◆ stakeholders

Collective Participation

We bring together the experience of diverse groups and people—academics, leaders of religious faiths, scientists, futurists, laypersons, policy makers, government officials, business professionals, non-government organizations, development practitioners, and others to collaborate on topics of major concern to improve quality of life. With group approval, ideas expressed form base criteria from which planning takes place and policy devised to provide guidance for global human development.

Trilateral System

The trilateral system is the core framework that houses the philosophical base and supports elements that guide our endeavors. It comprises three separate and distinct units—leadership, law, and governance, entwined to perform in tandem as a single integrated unit. With performance-optimized, the system relieves much of the burden under which humanity struggles. At this level of performance, the trilateral fulfills its primary intent and achieves its goal.
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Education is gaining knowledge, and when combined with the quality of experience further eliminates ignorance. We see this as a moral imperative. Education provided to all levels of society will inspire achievement, encourage potential, and prepare those educated from all strata of society to help contribute to its advancement. Our intention is to broaden minds, instill discipline, develop character, encourage empathy, and inspire service to humanity.
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Emergent Global Ethos

We must develop new modes of interacting with each other to resolve problems that confront us. Emerging global consciousness reflects efforts to plan a global ethic, an indicator that the transformation has begun and a cause for considerable optimism. Social change occurring along with cultural evolution we refer to as an “emergent global ethos”. Long-standing problems will resurface as new ones appear, requiring new approaches to resolve the ‘old’ and also those new arrivals.
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Initiatives and Priorities

Our program contains a detailed plan to devise policy and initiatives with priorities considered necessary to advance human endeavors in a rapidly globalizing environment. Identified needs have extended time-horizons, outline methods, and describe core features considered ‘mission essential’. Our program operates in tandem with global changes, adjust as necessary to offset transitional turbulence, articulates direction, and provide frameworks for decision-making and actions to guide the process.
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Strategic Positioned Leadership

Strategic positioning means placing for deployment quality leadership to agitate for paradigmatic shifts in human thinking. It’s designed to offset negative underpinnings that endangers human will and replaced by guarantors to ensure human viability. Leadership must gain a defining role—one with forward-vision, is proactive, shows moral courage, is renowned for its integrity and forbearance, and whose primary intent is to pursue justice in all undertakings.
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