1- Political Stability
Condition for Sustainable Growth
Premise on the positive effects a stable government has on society as the driver for economic growth and development.
Sustainable development is widely examined by scientists working within different disciplinary frameworks defined by three key dimensions: economic, environmental and social.
Mădălina Radu
2 Personal growth
Self-leadership, Induce Positive Personal Growth
Operates within an expanding global environment, its attendant ethos, to foster self-growth and societal stability.
Self-leadership requires sensitivity, keen observation, constant consideration, self-dialogue, and watchful intent.
Semimba nak Judprek
Persorth Alliance
3- Human Rights
Echos in the Chambers of
Our Mind
If the promises of the UNDHR are to be realized, we must look to bodies independent of the UN to forge an international human rights law.
The elemental priority of all human rights activism is to stop torture, beatings, killings, rape, and assault to improve, as best we can, the security of ordinary people.
Multiplicity of Endemic Global Corruption
Corruption robs the public of precious resources, and distorts the incentives to engage in productive activities.
The Convention requires countries to establish criminal and other offences to cover a wide range of acts of corruption, if these are not already crimes under domestic law.
United Nations
5-Moral Courage
Acts of Integrity Carried Out With Dignity
Courage is the capacity to place ethics into action, and stand up and stand out in defense of moral principles.
Moral courage implies and involves the willingness to take action for moral reasons when one has doubts or fears despite the risk of adverse consequences.
Allen Hinderson
6-Univ. Edu.
Universal Compulsory Education
Emphasis is given to education as means for individual, family, social and national uplift to advance the human condition.
The primary and the most urgent requirement is the promotion of education because it is inconceivable that any nation should achieve prosperity unless this fundamental concern is properly addressed.
Prallagon Consulting Group
Education Research Proposal (DRAFT)
7-Gender Justice
Equality Between Men and Women For Societal Gain
A spiritual and moral standard that’s essential for unification of the planet and as a prerequisite for universal peace.
Because of ingrained psychological and social disorders, equality of the sexes as a conciousness reality will take time, but it will come about through progressive steps sequenced by an activated human maturity.
Prallagon Consulting Group
Global Human Development
8-Ind. Invest. Truth
as Collective Interdependence
Sustained community endeavor that’s based on implementing the aims and actions of collective interdependence.
Saving our planet, lifting people out of poverty, advancing economic growth… these are one and the same fight... Solutions to one problem must be solutions for all.
Ban Ki-moon
Former, UN Secretary General
9-Family Life
Family Life, Resources and Responsibilities
The family is the basic unit of society and therefore warrants special attention.
The UN in 1994 and again in 2016 declared that “Safe and supportive family environments are indispensable for children’s health and well-being”.
United Nations
General Assembly
Racism and
Deep Malleable Whiteness
Addresses the repugnance and limitations of scholarship on race and racism in the global community.
We explore in greater detail the processes of deep and malleable global whiteness that has sustained global white supremacy.
Michelle Christian
University of Tennessee–Knoxville
11-Facilitative Leadership
Diverse Views Empowered by Consultation
Shows empathy and justice operating alongside compassion and integrity. Fosters an inclusive approach to consultation and decision-making.
As an enabler of individual creativity within group discussions, the facilitative leader encourages open dialogue and constructive feedback. Everyone has a chance to shares their thoughts and voice their opinions.
Prallagon Consulting Group
Global Human Development
12-Collective Security
Collective Security of the Human Species
A change in perspective to realise the true value of the human species and provide means for its collective security.
Focus on the spiritual nature of humanity and find ways that strengthen its ability to take greater strives to achieve progressive futures.
Prallagon Consulting Group
Global Human Development
Indispensable Moral Compass of Attraction
The primary purpose of justice is to unify humankind. It is the strongest foundation for securing a lasting peace.
Justice is a force of attraction that’s interrelated with happiness. Though elusive, justice has an abiding sense of purpose and acts as a leaven in society. It provides for the spiritual transformation of the individual.
Prallagon Consulting Group
Global Human Development
14-Species Identity
Conflict, Diversity and Species Identity
A concept of global civic culture requires the acceptance at some level of a shared identity with other human beings.
We need to shed light on several elements of the human experience that, when more thoroughly examined and better understood, will find ways to systematically deal with diversity and conflict.
Prof. Elise Boulding
Teachers College, Columbia University
15-Pedagogy Quest
Empowerment in Quest of a Pedagogy
There are dimensions of power—notably those expressing the nobility of the human spirit—that a process of moral empowerment would have to draw upon.
The notion of power that a politically active individual adopts has to become coherent with one embraced by a comprehensive conception of human well-being...
Dr. Sona Farid-Arbab
16-AI & BC Tech
Help Resolve Major Global Challenges?
Blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI) have evolved into leading technologies.
AI and Blockchain, working in unison, build and organize immense databases to strengthen various protocols and perform tasks in a fraction of the time it takes humans.
Janet Springle
Tagen Technologies
17-Scholarly Enquiry
Effort to Reshape Scholarly Enquiry
Provide the means to devise a framework for competent scholarship to render objective and factual analysis.
Draws upon the knowledge and experience of visionary and creative minds from all walks of life—scholars, students, officials and others.
Burnshire Academy
Trilateral Systems Integration
18- Global public policy
Cohesive Global Public Policy
Decisions and collective endeavours must reflect core commitment to create cohesive global public policy, inclusive of sustainable pathways needed to usher in humanity’s long-awaited prosperity.
Cohesive global public policy will require all hands onboard to help navigate a successful transition, an effort paramount to secure humanity’s endeavours in a global context.
Parallagon Consulting Group
Global Human Development
19- Planetary Security
Vortex of an Immeasurable Dimension
Solutions requires a paradigmatic shift in thinking, moral-based leadership, strengthening rule of law, integrate ethical performance criteria into systems of governance, and promote justice in all undertakings.
We must devise corrective criteria with justice as vanguard to mitigate chaos and confusion in order to secure a stable and progressive future.
Prallagon Consulting Group
Global Human Development

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