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Strategic knowledge empowers aspirants to use methodologies effective in translating new knowledge into both individual and collective action to achieve sustainable results.  It opens up new fields of endeavor founded on moral and ethical principles to advance global human development.  At this stage, it has less to do with material advancement but focuses instead on rethinking humankind from a spiritual perspective with its oneness and vast diversity as inclusive agents.


That being suggested is a forward vision to project and define solutions that releases humankind from the residue and after-effects of colonialism; where the value of human diversity gains meaning; that intercultural, cross-cultural, and transnational gender equity strives to become the norm; where both global and empathic consciousnesses have a resounding effect on our thinking; where education explores the inherent qualities of human nature; that differences in thinking and aspirations of the sexes are better understood, and interdisciplinary approaches for effective decision-making become apparent.

How will we get there?

Humanity lives at a time in history with experiences unique to this era.  There are massive problems, to be sure, but current conditions are still nothing like the issues of health, social ills, and savagery perpetrated on human populations in ages past.  Now at a more advanced stage, humanity while still in adolescence struggles to achieve a higher level of maturity.

 The fear in many quarters is that the continuing pursuit of unbridled materialism with its attendant rampant corruption will hamper this process and continue to erode the level of achievement under which humanity now exist.

With the weaknesses of current systems now exposed, required are a network of experts, stake-holders, lay-persons, and others who collaborate on devising innovative solutions to global challenges. They recognise, as we do, that the need for mechanisms that enable positive impact within our changing world is of paramount importance. 


Prallagon exists to inspire human will to accept a challenging opportunity to effect crisis abatement.  It will require thoughtful and dedicated individuals with strong humanitarian instincts and skills in play to help humanity achieve sustainable results through extended vision and long-term planning.  In this way, we can realize progressive accomplishments by unrelenting dedication to achieve stated goals and objectives.

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We Make Knowledge Exceptional

The Center for Strategic Knowledge (CSK) occupies a key position aligned with the Academy and the Institute, all under the Prallagon umbrella.  It operates in tandem with companion units to bring together teaching, research, and partnerships to make doable, practical and intellectual contributions to global human development.  Through its multi-disciplinary approach, the CSK provides the groundwork for new social structures built on principles of justice and guiding bedrock of the reality of the oneness of the human family.

The CSK synthesizes statistical data and information based upon ongoing research provided by feedback from interactive forums, conclusive information from academic sessions hosted by the Academy, and input made available by key advisories operating within the Prallagon framework. Based on evaluative processes, assessments, consultative procedures and methodologies, the CSK prepares actionable knowledge that becomes the foundation for innovative societal frameworks able to secure the publics’ welfare.


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