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Long-range planning is key to bridging the gap between where humanity stands today and where, by reaching a series of systematic milestones, it can realize continuing progressive futures. Based on our assessment of global conditions, we place humanity at the precipice of a new reality, one that harbours a malign influence far beyond human imagination. However, evidence suggests that we have the means to diminish its invasive character. First, we must consider how and why we have arrived at this critical juncture in history and then plan long term to provide the means that will help mitigate a perhaps an otherwise extensive traumatic experience.


Extended Time-Horizons equate to long-range planning as an effective way of aligning goals and objectives within strategic milestones. It mandates certain requirements to fight irregularities in the current governing systems—primarily those imbued with an Eurocentric orientation originating from a colonial and imperialistic past; but not exclusively, because non-western cultures provide an infusion of unique criteria to help achieve long-term objectives.

An Issue of Direction

Redefining both the past and present is crucial for success in this transitional age. To grasp how situations unfold and learn from the past, a genuine understanding of history is essential. Be willing to surpass the past and evaluate culture, social conditions, language, and tradition to create a new future.

However, this alone will not prove to be creditable for the future of humanity because it lacks direction. In order to address this issue, we need to give consideration to the Principle of Oneness. Throughout the ages, this principle has underscored the unity and virtuous essence of humankind, propelling us towards a more promising tomorrow.
Ref.: Oneness in Historical Context

Major Challenge

At one second past midnight we face the coming dawn, having not resolved prior-day challenges we now awake to extensions believed new, exacerbated by our own juvenescence.

Humanity’s pubertal adventure is a step-by-step developmental process that’s preparing it for maturity. The degree and intensity of the challenges it will face depends on what we do now and in the future to lessen the severity of its adolescence.


We introduce an innovative planning module (framework) to address the process required to create sustainable pathways en route to progressive futures, bounded by bedrock of empathy, justice, and spiritual awareness.


To help surmount the many challenges before us, first we must assess the current level of human development and reveal deficiencies in both thinking and behavior. Then inspire dialogue, individual and collective enquiry, and collaborative analysis of issues that pertain to humanity’s collective security. This will lead to marshaling unified support for quality decisions that improve the human condition and in a manner that also preserves the species.


Acquiring the conscious reality of humankind as a unified entity, a single species with spiritual perception and boundless intelligence and creativity, is crucial for insight into potential solutions for the problems faced by humanity. This principle of Oneness is a forward-based visionary inclusivity having an incisive role to play in advancing human affairs.


■ Humanity, entity of one. Denote a supreme level of consciousness that pertain to the true nature and reality of the human species. It is bedrock to guide human endeavour and future achievements.

■ Political reform. A change in perspective to eliminate nefarious activity operating with impunity in the political realm, when freed from the rancorous quagmire, will pursue unified positioning.

■ Diversity inclusion. Unquestioned willingness to tap into a heretofore marginalized resource now known to possess the talent, ability, and creativity needed to augment efforts to produce sustainable outcomes.

■ Equality of man and woman. Promotes unity, gains spiritual insight, provides a unified perspective, supports dual accomplishments, and undergirds the family structure to advance the human condition.

■ Language skills. Improve language and communication skills, respect indigenous rights, revamp language education with a view toward devising an approved international system of communication.

■ Restructured education. Embrace inclusion, embrace diversity, value a holistic approach to philosophy, science, and the social order to correct falsehoods and misperceptions to counter social boundaries and divides.

■ Family and society. An improved individual strengthens the family unit that supports society; a powerful society is a pillow of strength for the nation; the nation joins with other nations to refine the international order; all considered as means of advancing human civilization.

To include these specialized components within the strategic planning module provides guidance to the future direction for development planning. It encourages respondents to devise policies in creative ways to foster unity and a desire to live in peace, concord, and harmony. In this way, we are better able to build a society that pursues a collective effort to work not only for this generation but for those to come.

Strategic Undertakings

Any sustainable development strategy must also provide a framework from which to work. We provide both. Together, they clarify our aims and objectives the process employed to accomplish them.

Due to fluctuate human environments, any strategy must provide a holistic view with an overall approach and course of action that benefits a diverse but inclusive humanity. It starts with each individual through to family and then society. We know this as Community Build, our term for the progressive development of family and community life. It’s a concept that envisions a collective effort to secure the inner workings of society to ensure the public’s welfare.

The strategy does not specify every detail of a specific activity, but encourages assigning resources to designated areas where they are most needed. Also, a viable strategy must encourage stepping away from disastrous approaches associated with humanity’s traumatic past, that with creative thinking, paves the way forward to realise a promising future.

In fact, this problem relates to human immaturity, proof that we are not as far along the evolutionary as we perhaps thought. At this pivotal moment in human history, when we have built technologies more advanced than we are as a people, it’s a wonder that the damage we have brought upon ourselves is not more extensive, still, it’s not too late for us to do something about.


The many challenges and dangers faced by humanity at this stage in its evolutionary social, economic and global development, we discover, are of our own making. The basic problem lies in our inability as humans to make the adjustments needed at various time-stamped intervals throughout our history to revitalize the social and economic order in ways that would contribute to stable environments from then on.

This problem relates to human immaturity, that we not as far along the evolutionary path as we perhaps had hoped. At this pivotal moment in human history, where we have built technologies more advanced than we are as a people, the damage brought upon us is of our own making, related to an excessive desire for materialistic pursuits without empathic consideration for its destructive impact on the condition and nature of both the individual and society.

Our organization was created to help correct this imbalance. We strive to gain insight into the true nature of the individual and its role in society; work with like-minded individuals to explore ways to advance the human condition in a global context; and delve into the vast complexity of humanity’s diversity to identify those qualities and characteristics with potential to secure its welfare.

Key Points

■ Knowledge acquisition is Prallagon’s base operation. With both desire and willpower in play, we transfer knowledge into strategic planning based on data analysis, followed by implementation procedures. When activated, it performs as the collective actionable criteria needed to spearhead human development in a global context.

■ We are a group of sustainable development specialists (volunteers) with backgrounds in various science professions, technical, executive administrative, and managerial positions. Our interests are in devising unique productive methods to achieve sustainability goals and objectives using the totality of the human experience (knowledge, will, action, mind, body and spirit).

■ Support:

● Within the sustainable development arena, there is a lack of education and effort based on spiritual principles as inclusive criteria to structure and guide development planning, its frameworks, structures, and implementation processes and procedures (Burnshire Academy);

● Address the lack of ‘new knowledge’ on which to base strategic planning requirements. Chief agent: Institute For Global Promise, and its two internal operatives: the Centre for Strategic Knowledge—gains ‘new knowledge’; and the Centre for Actionable Knowledge—presuppose actionable knowledge suitable for implementing at all levels of society, guide human endeavors, and garner support to achieve goals and objectives.

● Address the need for specified education and training to reveal novel ways to achieve sustainable development goals and objectives;

● Engage local community efforts though partnership arrangements to assist with planning and community activation (Stanwood Center for Community Partnerships);

● Train specialists to work with stakeholders at the local community level to educate and train on strategic methods needed to gain benefits derived from planning, devising, and implementing a cohesive global public policy (TeamMx Global Reach Initiative).

■ The aim is to use the above stated elements to work in unison with the consultancy’s philosophy, mission, and objectives for continuing systematic and progressive achievements over extended time-horizons.

■ Click to view and download the Strategic Plan Module.


Basic Concepts


■ Our planning module provides a framework for devising a long-range strategy to achieve systematic, progressive, and sustainable outcomes. It includes time-stamped intervals, where each interval has at least one predetermined milestone. Each milestone is a cyclical occurance within intervals of 10-25-50 years that extend over 100-200 out-years. This time-span exists within a comfortable margin to take advantage of new knowledge when revealed. Programmatic adjustments are made as needed.


■ We use spiritual principles as harbinger of sustainable criteria.


■ Human commonality, from which spiritual bonding takes place to shape human response in ways that midiate difficult challenges.


■ Knowledge helps to advance human understanding. Within our operational framework, we classify knowledge in two key areas: strategic knowledge and actionable knowledge; the former focuses on knowledge as criteria to fulfill requirements associated with strategic planning.


■ The latter is knowledge made adaptable for usability at all levels of society, hence the descriptive term ‘actionable knowledge’. Each interrelates with the other, designed to adapt and function in an assigned area of responsibility.


■ This refers to envisioning cyclical performance, objectives, and milestones to occur at predetermined intervals within a plan and/or framework embedded with extended time-horizons.


■ Volition (human will) reflects the degree to which people and society will go to engage those activities able to advance social justice.

■ We need both knowledge and human will in concerted action to get the job done.


■ Without action, knowledge and human will not come to fruition. Each of the three working in isolation is an exercise in futility. Together, through determination, they are becoming a force to reckon with.


■ Followup an analysis to assess program performance. Adjustments may be required to ensure goals and objective are met in a timely manner.


The rapidity of change generates a great uncertainty. When combined with other myriad forces affecting humanity, resistance to change becomes clear as it attempts are made to regain a status quo now lost to time.

Our strategic planning module offers a flexible framework with tools to help guide humanity through various phases of activity and new realities as it transitions into a new era.


We designed our organization structure in a way that avoids ‘group think’, where those involved in the work lose sight of the overall mission, thinking about issues from a similar perspective and points of view. Independent creative thinking becomes endangered. It becomes necessary to bring in external sources to present new ideas and wider views along with a deeper concern about ways in which to stimulate creative thinking about devising innovative approaches to solve problems.

The structure outlined below provides an overview, conceptual approach, framework, principles, and inner functions of how we operate as a consultancy. The flexibility inherent to this module allows for continuing changes and updates. Knowledge gained will help us in creating new modules based on ‘real-time’ with expectations for far-ranging results.


█ Directorate

■ Secretariat

● Centre for Collective Intelligence

● Strategic Planning Module

■ Office of External Affairs

■ Advisory Collective

● Advisory Units

■ Data Advisory & Analysis Center

■ The Consiliarius Group

■ Prallagon Library

■ Burnshire Academy

● Stanwood Center for Community Partnerships

■ The Institute For Global Promise

● Centre for Strategic Knowledge

● Centre for Actionable Knowledge

■ TeamMx Global Reach Initiative

● TeamMx Field Advisory Board

● TeamMx Regional Coordination

● Field Unit Operations


Requirements and characteristics.

● Understands sustainable development issues and criteria

● Be committed to the Mission statement, its goals and objectives

● Strive to gain penetrating insight and empathy

● Experience in strategic planning processes

● Displays credibility/integrity/compassion

● Shows skills for  conflict management

● Understand collaboration/consultation/discourse/decision-making

● Proficient in verbal Communication and writing

● Adaptable to quality in style that best suits the organization

● Exhibits logic, self-discipline, and concentrated reasoning

● Shows honesty and fairness in all undertakens

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Community Activity

Community level maintenance activities (resources, dependency, commitments, etc.) if not already, will soon experience a heavy dependence on globalization. A minority elite will garner most benefits derived from this process, and predetermined pay allocations (low in scale) to workers responsible for producing the product.

Market forces depend on low production cost for products being produced. These increase in value when purchased by middle-agents, and sold to distributors who decide the value assigned company procurement agents prior to their sale of the products to the public. At each stage, the middle-agents receives a prearranged monetary benefit, the cost which is passed on at the last stage to the buyer. Those who produce the product remain in a low-wage category to maximize profits at the high-end. Our Global Reach Initiative (right) offers a different approach.


To assist your research to find viable ways to advance human development in a global context, click on Prallagon: LibraryThing (below). There you will find publications referenced on this website, and others that provide insight into issues revenant to sustainable development.



■ Consideration is given at the local community level for a cohesive global public policy to help resolve many social and economic inequalities. Understand that this is not an advocacy movement, but stakeholders desire to be given fair monetary consideration for work performed that mainly benefits a minority-elite.  Such inequities deprives local stakeholders of their chance to build sustainable communities.

■ Community stakeholders must experience a rise in income levels to be better able to support his family, and with added value given to community uplift programs.

With the right principles in play, public policy would be designed to express stakeholder community needs.  It  would do much to influence a cohesive global public policy,  a model to reflect and guide fair solutions to inequitable processes associated with globalization, and in this way assist stakeholders in their efforts to achieve sustainability outcomes at the local community level.

Global Reach Initiative.  Members carry out their duties at the local stakeholder community level. They follow the principles, policies, mission, goals and objectives that guides agency performance. They organize venues to educate and train community members on way to collaborate, consult, and arrive at quality decisions.


We provide the outlook, guidance, education and training needed by stakeholders, stakeholder communities and others in their efforts to gain the knowledge needed to investigate and evaluate local community requirements.  They then become proficient in planning and implementing policies to help guarantee local community social and economic welfare.


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