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Our Story

Strategic Planning Platform

Prallagon Consulting Group


Based on our subjective opinion, assessment and analysis, we position humanity at an early stage of development, just one-quarter step beyond the cusp of its entrance into puberty. This could portend a long and traumatic experience on the road ahead.

Essentials to Achieve Sustainability


Durable Over Extended Time-Horizons

Major Challenges

This is like being positioned at one second past midnight, and the entire playing field is wide open to experience whatever is to come before arriving at the next cycle. Doomsday? Perhaps! But any attempt to stop, delay or evade the process will fail because, in reality, there are no options placed for consideration. This ‘pubertal adventure (in non-biological terms)’ is a step-by-step developmental process that is preparing humankind for eventual maturity. However, the degree and intensity of the challenges and outcomes experienced over time will depend on what we do now and what practices we undertake going forward that will lessen the severity of our ‘pubertal’ experience.


To surmount the many challenges now before us, we must first assess our development at its current level and change our thinking and our behavior. This will prepare us to engage in collaborative analysis, that through both an individual and collective enquiry, will support unified decisions to advance the human collective and preserve the species.

It will take more than just ‘one head’ to provide insights and potential solutions to massive problems being faced by humanity. This process demands that a forward-based inclusivity occupy play an incisive role in human affairs. This is to ensure distortions that were made to historical records undergo review and premier scholarship duly noted corrections made.

First-Tier, Entry-Level

We consider these as first-tier entry-level requirements that through great effort and extensive foresight, over time, will yield positive results. As we work together to resolve the many challenges facing humankind over the long term, we have no illusions, must put forth increasing degrees of effort for humanity to advance to the next tier of opportunity (future unknowns) in its quest to realize a more mature, peaceful and stable future.

■ We must blindside and abandon antiquated views and methods based on misperceptions rooted in age-old postulations crafted in a cunning manner and implemented during the colonial past.

■ To reform the political landscape now replete with nefarious activities that operate from rancorous and bonded positions, each duly classified as ‘incestuous quagmire’.

■ We must reform wonton materialism now wrecking havoc on less astute and ill-affording human populations, carried out by professional self-indulgent marketing groups whose only interest is in plying their trade to maximize monetary benefit. They continue to create degrading hypothesis, all while devising psychological inducements to perpetuate increases in product acquisition under the guise of ‘free market’ strategy.

■ Reformat education systems in ways that embrace ‘inclusion’, to value a diverse humanity, its values, celebrate its oneness, and identity and prioritize those enabling features that show promise to advance humanity.

■ Last but not least, we must restructure human society in ways that give precedence to strengthening the human family, the unit so vital for the progress and continued development of civilization.

Strategic Undertakings

A strategy is an overall approach, course of action taken, in this case, to resolve continuing to be revealed challenges with future unknowns. The broader context in which we function, given our strengths, limitations and weaknesses, makes our attempts to address troublesome and unsolvable issues. A strategy gives us a framework within which to work, it clarifies what are attempting to accomplish and the various approaches we intend to use. It does not spell out every detail of a specific activity. To do so is incomprehensible given the length, depth and complexities of those challenges faced by humanity in unstable global arenas. The strategic platform outlined and from which we work designates key areas in which resources are to be placed as an earnest attempt to rectify extensive and intensive social and economic orders. Only through agreed collective effort will humanity be able to give up those disastrous approaches associate with its traumatic past in order to pave the way to a promising future.


When we assess the challenges faced by humanity, we find they are of our own making. The basic problem lives in our inability as humans to make the adjustments needed at various time-stamped intervals throughout our history to revitalize the social and economic order in ways that will increase stable environments. In fact, this problem relates to human immaturity, proof that we are not far along the scale to maturity. At this pivotal moment (juncture) in human history, when we have built technologies that are more advance than we are, it’s a wonder that the damage that we have provoked upon ourselves is not more extensive. It’s now past-time we changed.

The idea for creating the Prallagon Consulting Group followed the successful conclusion of an Africa Development Project that spanned three years of travel to seven nations, culminating in post-graduate research in sustainable development at two well-known and respected universities in South Africa. Identified were performance problems relating to under performance of leadership, law and governance. When these key elements operate at a low ebb, chaos is likely to ensue, as low performance ratings provide evidence of synchronous disorder.

These three elements fuse as a single Operand and placed as a core operating feature.of the Consultancy. Leadership gains a moral component, promotes law as the primary element needed to stabilize human society, and systems of governance to be integrated with ethical performance criteria. Hence, the acronym ‘Prallagon’, that stands for ‘practicing leadership, law and governance’. The key ingredient that binds this together is ‘spirituality’, for it works in harmony with human commonalities and, with the Operand in tow, generates desirable results in human society.

This process does not and cannot take place of its own accord. The agency garners support from key sources: Burnshire Academy, Institute For Global Promise, and the TeamMx Global Reach Initiative and its Field Units. We delineate their functions and expertise under respective topical headings in this document.

Narrative—Key Points

■ Knowledge acquisition is Prallagon’s base operation. With both desire and willpower in play, we transfer knowledge into strategic planning based on data analysis, followed by implementation procedures. When activated, it performs as the collective actionable criteria needed to spearhead human development in a global context.

■ We are a group of sustainable development specialists (volunteers) with backgrounds in various science professions, technical, executive administrative, and managerial positions. Our interests are in devising unique productive methods to achieve sustainability goals and objectives using the totality of the human experience (knowledge, will, action, mind, body and spirit).

■ The Consultancy addresses the following requirements:

● Within the sustainable development arena, there is a lack of education and effort based on spiritual principles as inclusive criteria to structure and guide development planning, its frameworks, structures, and implementation processes and procedures (Burnshire Academy);

● Address the lack of ‘new knowledge’ on which to base strategic planning requirements. Chief agent: Institute For Global Promise, and its two internal operatives: the Centre for Strategic Knowledge—gains ‘new knowledge’; and the Centre for Actionable Knowledge—presuppose actionable knowledge suitable for implementing at all levels of society to guide human endeavors and garner support to achieve sustainable goals and objectives.

● Address the need for specified education and training to reveal novel ways to achieve sustainable development goals and objectives;

● Engage local community efforts though partnership arrangements to assist with planning and community activation (Stanwood Community Partnerships Center);

● Train specialists to work with stakeholders at the local community level to educate and train on strategic methods needed to gain benefits derived from planning, devising, and implementing a cohesive global public policy (TeamMx Global Reach Initiative).

(Note: The above are our primary resources in use that address planning requirements and provides the support needed to devise a cohesive global public policy as a guide for use at the local community level, and also to provide a viable module for broader expansion on an international scale. I addressed details and responsibilities associated with the above five elements under their respective topical headings at a different location in this document)

■ Our primary aim is to use the above stated elements to work in unison with the agency’s philosophy, mission, and objectives for continuing systematic and progressive achievements over extended time-horizons.

Strategic Overview

Basic Principles


Our planning guide is our model, the one we use for devising long-range strategy to realize systematic sustainable outcomes at predesignated time-stamped intervals with a range of 25-50 year cycles covering 100-200 out-years. This time-span exists within a comfortable margin for long-term planning given the current state/level of human knowledge and advancing technologies.


■ We use spiritual principles as harbinger of sustainable criteria.


■ Human commonalities are elements from which spiritual bonding takes place to shape human response in ways that offset challenges experienced.


■ Knowledge helps to advance human understanding. Within our operational framework, we classify knowledge in two key areas: strategic knowledge and actionable knowledge; the former focuses on knowledge as criteria to fulfill requirements associated with strategic planning.


The latter is knowledge made adaptable for usability at all levels of society, hence the descriptive term ‘actionable knowledge’. Each interrelates with the other, designed to adapt and function in an assigned area of responsibility.


■ Volition (human will) reflects the degree to which people and society will go to engage those activities able to advance social justice.

■ We need both knowledge and human will in concerted action to get the job done.


■ Without action, knowledge and human will not come to fruition. Each of the three working in isolation is an exercise in futility. Together, through determination, they are becoming a force to reckon with.


Note that as an organization we function entirety as an ‘Advisory’ on matters related to global human development in globalizing environments. Within this holistic capacity, the organization assumes a duel function activated as the Center For Collective Intelligence.

The explanation for this is quite simple; rather than being a pyramid-style organization where administrative/managerial duties flow through authoritative style structures, we function as an ‘advisory’ with functions coordinated through the Directorate and its advisory units. The entire organization operates as The Centre for Collective Intelligence, with information accessible to everyone throughout the entire organization. This avoids redundancy and a proliferating bureaucracy.

In addition, the greatest advantage is that it allows for ease of accessing information. Because we operate as an advisory, we depend on principals associated with collaboration and consultation for guidance and in ensuring quality decision-making. Operating in this capacity requires quick access to the most recent quality data and information available.

Our Organization Structure

█ Directorate

■ Secretariat

● Centre for Collective Intelligence

● Strategic Planning Module

■ Office of External Affairs

■ Advisory Collective

● Advisory Units

■ Data Advisory & Analysis Center

■ The Consiliarius Group

■ Prallagon Library

■ Burnshire Academy

● Stanwood Center for Community Partnerships


■ The Institute For Global Promise

● Centre for Strategic Knowledge

● Centre for Actionable Knowledge

■ TeamMx Global Reach Initiative

● TeamMx Field Advisory Board

● TeamMx Regional Coordination

● Field Unit Operations

Staff Characteristics

Agree on requirements to avoid misunderstandings.

♦ Understands sustainable development issues

♦ Knowledgeable and committed to the Mission and its goals and objectives.

♦ Possess insight and empathy

♦ Experience in running strategic planning processes

♦ Displays credibility/integrity/compassion

♦ Shows good conflict management skills/handles conflict well

♦ Engages in collaboration/consultation/discourse/decision-making

♦ Verbal and written skills

♦ Displays style that best suits the organization

♦ Exhibits logic, self-discipline, and systematic reasoning

♦ Shows honesty and fairness

Points of View

To avoid ‘group think’ where those involved in the work lose sight of the overall mission/picture and think about issues from the point of view of their own work, we bring in external sources to present a wider view with deeper concerns that may open up vistas to new ideas and innovative ways of thinking.

Strategic Planning - Community Level

Community level maintenance activities (resources, dependency, commitments, etc.) if not already, will soon experience a heavy dependence on globalization. A minority elite will garner most benefits derived from this process, and predetermined pay allocations (low in scale) to workers responsible for producing the product.

Market forces depend on low production cost for products being produced. These increase in value when purchased by middle-agents, and sold to distributors who decide the value assigned company procurement agents prior to their sale of the products to the public. At each stage, the middle-agents receives a prearranged monetary benefit, the cost which is passed on at the last stage to the buyer. It’s unfortunate that those who produce the product remain in a low-wage category in order to maximize profits at the high-end.

■ Example: A cohesive global public having design input by workers at the local level could help resolve many economic inequalities. Understand that this is not an advocacy movement but stakeholder response to gain fair monetary consideration for work performed.

■ Benefit: Workers will experience a rise in income levels, and if channeled will do much to uplift the individual worker who could support his family, and with added value for community uplift.

This is only one example, one possibility of what could occur with the right principles in play. Policy input designed to express stakeholder community needs would do much to influence cohesive global public policy as a model to reflect and guide fair solutions to inequitable processes of globalization, and in this way assist stakeholders in their efforts to achieve sustainability outcomes at the local community level.

TeamMx Field Units undertake this in view of base principles, policies, mission, goals and objectives that guide agency performance; to organize venues to educate and train local stakeholders in the way of collaboration, consultation, and decision-making to advance local conditions through policy initiatives and community uplift activities.


We exist to help provide the outlook, guidance, education and training needed by stakeholders, stakeholder communities, and others to support them in their efforts to gain the knowledge needed to investigate and evaluate their needs in order to plan and implement those policies and resources required to help guarantee individual and community social and economic welfare.


Global Human Development Initiative

Sustainable achievements

through justice

and sacrificial endevours.

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