01. Strategy

We stress the importance of strategic positioned leadership to agitate for paradigmatic shifts in thinking to counter excessive and negative underpinnings that diminishes human will.

02. Crisis

Humanity is in crisis, experiencing unprecedented turbulence on a daily basis. This situation confounds current moribund leadership that lacks will and creative ability to edify a global citizenry.

03. Imperative

Strategically positioned leadership is a moral and spiritual imperative.  Innovation, creativity and flexibility are required to engage proactive decision-making in crisis prone global environments.

04. Rules

Seeking answers to challenges by comparing them to pass experiences and decisions made, then attempt to use them to resolve the current global crisis is not a viable approach. New rules are required.

05. Role

Leadership must acquire a defining role— maintain forward vision, be proactive, demonstrate moral courage, stay the course, and is become renown for forbearance and integrity.

06. Solutions

Solutions are derived from crisis situations by receptive leadership with spiritual insight, engages appropriate methods, and applies ethical and principled leverage to secure the publics' welfare.


Strategically Positioned

Leadership when strategically positioned influences paradigmatic shifts in
thinking to challenge negative stereotypes and encourage collective effort.



The stakeholder community is a vast and inherently vital resource that harbors myraid complexities and points-of-view, all vying for recognition. Inclusive of social stratifications, conflicting interests and agendas, cultural biases and ethnic persuasions, leadership must operate with specificity and initiate crucial programs to achieve long-range goals. When imbued with ethical imperatives and global vision, the community begins to demonstrate inclusive consciousness.



Strategic positioned leadership remains true to its mandate—to spearhead positive directional change in human affairs.  It is prepared to capitalize on opportunities presented by global uncertainties that include dysfunctional social and political systems. Animated by the reality of the oneness of the humanity, leadership manifests moral courage, promotes group ingenuity, is visually available, and is a beacon of hope and a viable refuge for a deeply troubled humanity.


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