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Strategic Positioning

Humanity is experiencing unprecedented crisis due to global turbulence that continues to confront and confound moribund leadership, leadership that demonstrates a serious lack of ability, collective will, moral courage, and innate capacity to edify a world citizenry seeking justice, proper direction, and quality governance. It remains fixated on implementing decades-delayed solutions imbued with ages-old methodologies to resolve current global challenges. No wonder humankind is quickly overwhelmed by the ferocious nature of current, reoccurring and impending crises.


Strategic positioning is our consulting attitude. It involves the practice of leadership, law and governance, a fully functioning Trilateral Systems Integration® procedure that places for deployment vital resources able to agitate for paradigmatic shifts in human thinking. The intent is to offset excessive commercial-driven materialistic underpinnings in society, viewed in some quarters as "organized sadistic rape" of humanity. Proper positioning provides means to advocate for collective pursuits inclusive to human diversity, and create moral and spiritually based resource-reliant policies that support and sustain those pursuits.


This process elevates leadership to a defining role—one with forward vision and remains proactive, demonstrates unrelenting moral courage, and is renown for forbearance and unwavering integrity. It affords opportunity to place into effect an incorruptible force at all levels of society and provide justice with immense opportunity to prevail.


It is leadership that does not involve itself in intellectual discourse to repudiated time-honored virtues. Instead, it applies appropriate methodologies to foster comprehensive moral realities to provide means for improving quality of life. It is leadership prepared to exert ethical and intelligent leverage in ways that provides spiritual insight into policy, planning, and decision-making authorities to achieve long-sought sustainable outcomes.


Prallagon's primary goal, it's reason for being, is to foster proactive engagement in human affairs as means to achieve remarkable futures. Click on this link for more about Strategic Positioning.

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