Strategic Requirements For Global Human Development


Program Statement

This document outlines those strategic requirements necessary to advance the human condition on this planet, and in the process help secure sustainable futures.

Guiding Principal
The way to effectively prepare humanity for eventualities we must investigate the realities in view the principle that postulates the oneness of humankind.

Prallagon was created to investigate ways in which to advance human development to benefit local communities and expand globally. We soon realized just how daunting a challenge this would be, requiring major problem solving capability. When reviewing current and pass practices, examples of how to create and apply long-term solutions to resolve problems seemed limited.

One question that repeatedly came to mind centered on finding ways to attack problems at their core, the source of conflict. To find the answer to this question we focused on those principles and values that in many ways have guided human endeavor throughout millennia. We decided that human creativity is grounded in spiritual values. This being said, then spiritual values can be appropriated to resolve human challenges and derive maximum benefit for long-term gain.

Strategic Global Human Development
Our efforts to pursue GHDP reside in a set of initiatives, programs and priorities considered necessary to systematically advance human development in global environments. They come with extended time-horizons, identify needs, outlines methods, and describe core features considered mission essential. The program operates in tandem with changes taking place globally and assesses adjustments required to offset transitional turbulence. The GHDP articulates direction, and provides framework within which decisions and actions guide the process.

Forward Thinking
As a forward thinking consultancy, we engage sound analytical skills and demonstrate leadership acumen. We apply spiritual-based solutions to problems that are incisive, often extremely intense, and come with extended time-horizons. Spiritual based solutions achieve fulfillment when they simulate the creation of sustainable pathways that when successfully deployed systematically advances human development in global environments.

The GHDP is embedded with a core principal that guides all program activities, the acknowledgement that humankind resides in creation as an entity-of-one, a noble species whose unity is verifiable through self-awareness (human consciousness), an infinite capacity for creative genius, and with ability to change the natural environment to guarantee its survival; all resident in its vastly complex multifaceted diversity, the resource needed to plot humanity’s course into the future.

Human Diversity
The GHDP challenges negative assumptions about humanity. It gives special attention to human diversity, identifying it as the prime resource able to provide insight for planning those strategic requirements able to map and guide humanity in its quest to achieve sustainable futures.

A properly laid foundation for global human development must provide focus, specify resources (skill-sets), identify priorities, and detail operational requirements to ensure that stakeholders are able to work toward common goals. We provide ‘Principals and Standards of Conduct’ as bedrock to guide our endeavors. Virtuous in nature, the manual offers clear guidance that is above reproach.

“To serve humanity, to join in the effort to advance humankind, you must see clearly and be able to relate the abstract and the concrete in such a manner that your personal life posit the true nature of what it means to be human.”

Humankind is an enormously complex and diverse entity-of-one. It advances based on spiritual values, moral principals, empathy, intellectual curiosity, inherent creativity, and a collective will inspired by the pursuit of justice. Standpoint is a standing feature included in our regular newsletter that provides commentary on issues of major concern.

Through Discourse we bring together the experience of diverse groups and people—academics, proponents of various religious faiths, scientists, futurists, laypersons, policy makers, government officials, business professionals, non-government organizations, development practitioners, and others to collaborate on topics having major concern for the quality of human existence. Specifically, how ideas expressed by each can be consolidated as base criteria from which to explore principals and commonalities useful as planning tools to strategically advance global human development.

The Trilateral System is the core framework that houses the philosophical base and support elements that guide our endeavors. It consists of three separate and distinct units—leadership, law and governance. These now entwined luminaries perform in tandem as a single integrated construct: leadership is fused with a moral component to eliminate nefarious activity, to project spiritual wisdom, and to achieve higher status; adherence to law is required to stabilize human society and mandates the pursuit of justice as primary for all undertakings; prescribes the embodiment of ethical performance criteria into all systems, procedures, and processes of governance. When trilateral performance is optimized, the system then become synergistically capable of relieving much of the burden under which humanity currently struggles. As a practicing norm, and when it has this level of performance, the trilateral construct has fulfilled its primary intent and achieved its ultimate goal.

Education provides for the acquisition of knowledge (subjective and objective) to eliminate human ignorance, and viewed as a moral and spiritual imperative. Providing means for education at all levels—to include arts and sciences—to be available to all members of society will require concerted effort. It will inspire personal achievement, encourage each person to strive to reach his/her potential, and in the process prepare them to be a contributor to the advancement of society. To this end, multi-dimensional education criteria are inherent to all our programs and training exercises. Our intention is to broaden minds, instill discipline, develop character, encourage empathy, and inspire dedicated service to humanity.

Global Ethic
If humankind is going to resolve common problems that confront us all, we must first develop new modes of interacting with each other. The emergence of global consciousness is reflected in recent efforts to formulate a global ethic. This is an indicator that the transformation has begun and is cause for considerable optimism. These initial independent efforts are evidence that profound social change along with cultural evolution is occurring. In some quarters this is referred to as an “emergent global ethos”. This occurrence also comes with real danger that long-standing antagonisms will resurface and new ones will appear. New approaches are needed to resolve not only ages-old problems, but also those newly arriving.


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