Global Dilemma

An Issue of Direction

The perception and definition of issues, both in the past and present, relate to direction. The importance of issue of direction lies in how principles and standards shape public opinion, i.e., prior social and economic policy that affect current events. It’s crucial to avoid making decisions that worsen the ongoing systemic issues during this period of transition.

By understanding how situations unfold, to learn from past mistakes, we gain a genuine understanding of history and how it influences current events. Acknowledging how language, culture, social, and economic factors are interconnected is important when establishing institutions for future services.

This alone will not prove to be creditable for the future of humanity because it lacks direction. In order to address this need, we must give consideration to the Principle of Oneness. Throughout the ages, this principle has shown us the moral foundation of humanity, uniting and leading us towards a brighter future. If only we will elevate it to a high level of consideration as being primary for establishing meaningful direction.

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Now in transition, humanity faces a dilemma: to maintain traditional modes of thinking and actions, or embrace that which was once hidden but now becomes apparent. Adhering to tradition will exacerbate the global crisis, whereas collaboration presents new opportunities to resolve challenges. We seek the latter with the principle of oneness as a pathway forward to supersede systemic discord.

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Leadership is a responsibility of each person, no matter the social status or unique position held. It begins with self-leadership, being able to control your thoughts to make better decisions and gain confidence. With confidence, individuals will become leaders in society. They will help in resolving complex social issues, shape and propel local policy and initiatives. Good leaders have a moral compass that earns public trust, inspiring others to assert themselves to advance the public good.
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Political Disorder
Turmoil results from parties having a primary interest in achieving personal ends, rarely in the best interest of the public good. Nefarious activity is rife, and with corruption at the forefront. Failure to address these circumstances leads to social chaos and instability; seen as a failure in leadership of the worst type, a crisis that’s difficult to address. One option involves taking proactive steps to raise public awareness about choosing effective leaders for public roles.
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Racism is a destructive force that spreads across social and economic boundaries, real and imagined. It has developed a reputation for establishing and enforcing discord. Both the victim and the perpetrator experience long-lasting psychological trauma. One solution is to replace the channels that make racism possible with means that edify humanity. Not a quick fix, it will require patience and concerted effort rooted in willingness and education to regain public confidence.
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Inequality persists across various strains of society. With roots in the distant pass, now defined in modern discourse as inappropriate and therefore to be corrected. It involves unequal patterns based on defined categories of people. Factors like power, religion, age, class and more play a role in unequal opportunities. Solutions are complex, ill defined, and come with inferred outcomes.

Need For Change

In order to meet the needs of a new era, we must transform these challenges that impede transitional change. Our hypothesis is that effective solutions stem from humanity’s unique condition and spiritual essence. We must rethink the concept of humanity and strategize to achieve meaningful outcomes.

One approach is to improve the administrative systems and procedures of service institutions; to advise on new ways that maturing institutions will attend to the political, social, and cultural affairs of aspiring communities; prioritize the developing global values influenced by diverse populations; and investigate areas of endeavor that help improve the economic and social wellbeing of communities.

We encourage becoming engaged in networks that address sustainable development issues on a global scale. Each person, organization, and institution must investigate and find common ground for a prosperous future.

Sustainable Achievements Through Justice and Sacrificial Endeavours

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