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'Means to achieve Progressive Futures'

How It Works

Our initiative for cohesive global public policy seeks to advance those inherent human qualities and diverse human commonalities as base criteria to promote knowledge, encourage collective will, and champion unified activities to advance human development in a global context.
Such a policy must be inclusive to the broad spectrum of humanity and envision a future that unites growing numbers of people into a common cause to address myriad global issues and challenges. The expressing of ideas and principles backed by the greater majority of humanity centered in the reality of its oneness will help advance human civilization and in the process protect our natural habitat.
The world’s people make up a single human race living in a common global homeland with inherent interconnections throughout. This binds each segment of humanity to the welfare of the whole and is the foundation for progress and systematic global development bound by empathy and justice.
Rapid changes taking place in society means more complex global challenges that we must face. Planners and policy-makers must devise unique criteria to create an innovative policy based on the needs of a struggling humanity. Discarding traditional ways of thinking will help push the boundaries of decision making to implement a policy focused on the totality of humanity, not just one segment identified for advancement. For the first time in human history such an achievement is now within our reach. It only lacks human will, determination, and unbridled motivation.
Competing ideologies for power proliferate as various groups strive to define themselves and their place in the world. Advancing rival concepts about the primacy of a particular people remain as feeble attempts of a self-serving and dysfunctional sub-set desiring to evade the truth that humanity is on a common journey in which all are protagonists for a more unifying order. We consider recognition of this aspect of human nature as pivotal for planning, decision-making, an all-inclusive policy, and collective action. It is the key element in achieving global security.
A global human development policy must be all-encompassing. Though not yet designed and without a mandate or resource support, still, we must specify its functional criteria for drawing-board analysis. Our aim is to help ensure that such policy portends a systematic and progressive future, a future where increasing numbers of people become united in a common cause and have the tools they need to build individual and collective capacity to secure and expand the bounds of global prosperity.

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Sustainable policy - doable objectives

Creating policy networks to provide research, experience, and expertise engaged in planning and collaborative decision-making.

Understand Change

Change is an opportunity to experience the growth required to evolve as a global citizen. It requires demonstrating moral courage.

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Strategic Criterion

We investigate and create ways in which to advance human development to benefit local communities and expand on a global stage.


Our focus is to strengthen the inter-connective links of basic human qualities to enable the innate capacity to foster alternative thinking.
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Trusted Strategy

To enhance the global human development process—planning, education, training, research—using advanced technology.

Global Human Development Initiative

Sustainable achievements

through justice

and sacrificial endevours.

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