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The aim is to create the tools necessary to garner integrated consensus to create and place into effect strategic positioned pathways to advance human development in ways that transform global people-centered social and economic environments.


Creating sustainable pathways are tentative steps taken by humanity in quest of its maturity. The first step is to build a conscious awareness of its existence as an entity-of-one. Second is to champion human diversity, to inspire its creativity, validate its spiritual endowment, and invigorate its idealism. Next, undertake an effort to foster a collective will based on species identity. This will manifest visionary objectives and inspire unimaginable results. These will open doors to imagine new frameworks for social and economic progress based on unanimity and understanding of justice, collective security, inclusive realities, and elevated consciousnesses; all which emit glittering proof that progressive futures, in fact, through quality planning, decision-making, and systematic progression, are achievable.


  • Bridge the gap from where humanity stands today to where it should be at various time-stamped intervals in the future.
  • Provide means for stakeholder participation in all processes associated with development planning—inclusive of economic and social strata, ethnic, cultural and indigenous influence, religious affiliation, and gender assignation.
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  • Devise means to create state-of-the-art technologies into the development process to enhance—planning, education and training programs, research methodologies, and implementation procedures—and top-notch collaborative venues to ensure quality decision-making.
  • Imbue leadership with a moral component, to be a beacon for refuge and a haven in destress, to shun nefarious activity, and embrace the oppressed.
  • Build trust and appreciation for the stabilizing effects of law in society.
  • Integrate ethics-based performance criteria into all systems of governance.
  • Establish justice as the over-riding aim in all undertakings

Translating these ideals as practical realities will bring about severe social challenges, not least for multilateral organizations, state agencies, and national entities. But this is a universal process that provides a powerful means for re-conceptualizing the role that various actors—to include less affluent populations—have in the process to advance human civilization.

These processes are significant. They embrace the implications that acknowledge no one group, one idea, or one people can bring the world to the realization that the wealthy is as depend on the underprivileged as is the reverse.

In years to come the “developed” world will have as much to learn from the “developing” world and vice versa. This is a challenge in the extreme for some because it runs counter to ideologies of separativeness, exceptionality and/or uniqueness. But dependence, as expressed through relationships of mutual support, is a source of great strength, not weakness. Through it we express the fundamental principle that social action should be cooperative and operate on principles of justice and ideas of universal participation.


Global Human Development Initiative

Sustainable achievements

through justice

and sacrificial endevours.

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