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Terry Randolph

Policy Consultant
Global Human Development


Ethical Criteria
For Governance

Introducing ethical criteria into systems of governance to enhance performance and elevate the public's welfare.


Cohesive Global
Public Policy

An umbrella initiative that sets forth a global strategy with guidelines for comprehensive public policy. 



Planning for the long-term with achievable systematic and progressive milestones to advance human society. 

Global Human Development

Paradigm Shift

We endeavor to traverse the divide from where society stands now to where it could be at different periods within this not very remote millennium end.

Humankind has a unique biology that comprises the three stages of material existence—mineral, vegetable, and animal. But what sets humanity apart is that it occupies a fourth stage, a level above the rest, a stage inclusive of consciousness and creativity that’s inherent to the spiritual realm. This spiritual core provides humanity with foresight, planning, inventiveness, freedom of expression, and the ability of discovery.

Within our global human development paradigm is the aim to advance human development in ways that conform to the scientific fact that humans live as a complete, diverse, and complex species of one. This approach to human development operates within humanity’s spiritual core to encourage a shift in thinking in ways that ensure humanity gains a proactive will to resolve challenges that endanger its ability to pursue unified and progressive outcomes.



Community Insights

2003. Individuals & organizations that make a difference.

Africa Development Project

2000-2002. Research and Development Initiative.

Australia Aborigne Project

1992. Education Grant Funding Initiative.


" >sustainable pathways that makeup progressives parameters and achievements that will be the basis for building what will become a global civilization. 


inculcate moral and spiritual intent

The plethora of crisis engulfing humanity is because of the lack of moral and spiritual intent in its undertakings.


The Voice of a
diverse unheard

The cries of a diverse-unheard now ring out as precious life’s resources are being misappropriated for exploitation by powerful forces.

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1976 - Management Analyst for fishery and wildlife research projects.
1980 - Management Analyst for engineering and construction projects.
1985 - Chief, Management and Manpower Office.
1991 - Contract Specialist for toxic and hazardous waste disposal.
1996 - Executive Director of an environmental NGO.
1998 - Development projects, post-grad edu./research, and international travels.
2011 - Started Prallagon Consulting.


Founder/Director, Consultant at Prallagon Consulting. Our mission is to provide criteria for cohesive global public policy that's consistent with moral, ethical, and spiritual attributes inherent to humanity’s oneness as a species.


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