Understand Change

Change is an opportunity to experience the growth required to evolve as a global citizen.  It means having flexibility, to gain a spiritual perspective, having optimism, and to demonstrate moral courage with unrelenting persistence when faced with daunting challenges.

The Need For Change

Social and cultural change involves imagination.  It requires us to engage unfamiliar concepts and principles in novel ways by using our minds to grasp complexities we do not yet comprehend.  In this way we can imagine unknown social realities able to influence both local and global thinking.  It must include our feelings, how we act, how we think and be able to induce a change in ourselves that will have a positive effect on our lifestyle.

Transcendent Vision

Knowing a future human achievement, a major goal to attain, and work together in a unified effort to bring it to reality.

Systematic Planning

Long-term systematic planning to uplift the mass of humanity to replace short-term material gain for a minority elite.

Sustainable Pathways

Providing the means to create objectives sustainable over extended time-horizons to bring about a prosperous future.

World Embracing Reality

Managing an emerging global ethos to avoid upending the conscious reality of mutual world citizenry dependency.

The Effects Of CHANGE

We cannot retreat behind the technological shield offered by advances being made in software/hardware to only accept packaged knowledge.  Change means to exercise our minds even in unorthodox ways to compensate for our lack of unstanding, to learn more based on experience and observation, and be free to use our imagination to envision a world based on unity and justice.  Through our imagination we are better able to position ourselves and engage that long sought human goal—sustainability, and work to achieve it.

Moral Leadership

What do we mean by moral leadership? Where does it come from, and how do we recognize it? Quickly we encounter slippery terms and conflicting ideas. These questions and interesting ideas within the political realm deserve our consideration.

Search For Justice

Justice is a principle built upon having an abiding sense of purpose.  It is associated
with the spiritual transformation of both the individual and the collective society.  It acts as a leaven in human society, and  together with happiness serve as forces of attraction.

Global Awakening

The single most powerful event facing humanity today is a great awakening on a planetary scale that has been millennia in the making. We humans are in the midst of a profound advance as a species to a higher form of global consciousness.

the results of Change

"The great spiritual traditions have long seen that the key to our survival, sustainability and flourishing turns on our conscious evolution into dialogic patterns of life which bring forth our true moral, rational and spiritual nature as a species."

Systematic Change
is my inspiration

I’m a visionary, a person who envisions a time when we as humans will have gained just a glimmer of what the conscious reality of our oneness as a species portends for its systematic achievement.  However, for that to happen we must learn to both surmount and cease to create unnecessary challenges that retards our growth and development.  When this occurs, the progressive light of a new reality will shine forth and assist us in mapping a more prosperous future.

Proponent of Change

Channels to Discovery

Albert Einstein used his subconscious mind to make discoveries. “One should never impose one’s views on a problem; one should rather study it, and in time a solution will reveal itself.” The following insights will help you discover the channels to cause-effect relationships needed to develop a suitable model to achieve positive and effective change in global societal environments.

Empathic Education

What kind of education must we pursue in particularly that's relevant today to help humanity build a sustainable global society.

Global Ethos

We must develop new modes of interacting with each other to solve the problems that confront us daily basis and global in scale.

Cultural Borders

Two world-views (Aboriginal and Non Aboriginal Australians) that reveal the learning and struggles encountered. Thesis Project.

Thought Paradigms

Thoughts can awaken love of truth and sense of duty, open human spirit to the purpose of life, and promote justice for all.

From Our Blog

Offering insights on ways to manage change by being involved in collective efforts to offset negative reactions to the realities of human existence.

Environmental Issues

Environmental Issues

To achieve environmental stability will depend upon how we address major issues impacting human society; be they social, economic, health or political. They all interrelate with combined strength to ravage societies world-wide. A frontal assault is needed to alleviate this scourge.

African Spirituality

African Spirituality

African Spirituality. The debilitating effects of excessive western-style materialism continue to exploit and wreak havoc on human populations. In this climate spirituality seems to be a non-starter. Therefore, we explore the spirituality and enduring characteristics of African people.

Field Operations

Field Operations

TeamMax Field Operations provides the support needed to achieve sustainability at the local level by serving stakeholder communities. Humanity is experiencing unprecedented turbulence that continues to confront and confound a moribund leadership that remains fixated…

Field Unit Operations

Field Unit Operations

TeamMx operations are guided by the Field Advisory Board who work in tandem with Regional Coordination (coordinators) to administer Field Unit activities within assigned geographic regions and localities, all in The Americas; i.e., North America, Central…

Sustainable Criteria

Sustainable Criteria

Sustainable DevelopmentStrategic Cirteria For Systematic AchievementsSustainable Development CriteriaThe important efforts made to achieve economic viability and expand knowledge at all levels of society will have a profound impact on sustainable development...



Paramount considerations must be given to humanity is a same-source entity that embody a shared spiritual commonality. This validates its inherent oneness as a species (identity) from which it derives meaning, reality, values, power, and unbridled potential…


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