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Make A difference. Strive to advance human development.

Volunteers have an important role to play in advancing human development in a global context. This means building and uplifting the well-being of humanity through diversity inclusiveness, the process of acknowledging talent, creativity and ability inherent to all members of the human family. This resource must be marshalled in ways that benefit the whole, which is our primary goal and objective.

We are transparent and accountable as all efforts and programs are personally inspected and vetted by our advisory team. We strive to ensure project safety and to be certain that you are matched with an initiative that complements your skills.

Our projects and programs are a great fit for people who will be volunteering alone, usually work from home and want to meet and work with other like-minded individuals, professionals and lay-persons alike. Gifts of knowledge and expertise abounds.

Browse through our website to get a better understanding about our philosophy, goals and objects. We hope to hear from you!

Boots on the ground

Volunteer to make a difference

specialists in trade-crafts

Specialist with various trade-crafts are needed in sustainable development to provide their expertise, professionalism and creativity to create and ensure programs, projects, field work and related activities are successful and remain complaint with the organization’s stated goals and objectives.

We need thinkers, those with ‘radical’ ideas who can project beyond the commonplace and challenge basic assumptions and practices. They are visionaries who are able to push for change in the current social climate (east, west, north, south) with new ideas and new ways of thinking about humanity, society and what the future might hold for progressive achievements.

Thinkers come in many forms, those with community experience and basic understandings about human nature and how best to guide it. There are those with achievements in education who are equipped to pursue objective analysis of situations and conditions. Whatever the calling, now is the time for you to step up and into the realm identified as making a ‘quantum leap’.



Research and development includes roles with responsibility for research, planning, and developing for implementation new sustainability programs and protocols.


Writers translate data and information to prepare articles, communications, instructions, and other supporting documents to explain complex issues.

Data Analysts

Skillsets required for research in development administration to accomplish specific tasks include: analytical skills and math skills to design conceptual frameworks.


Our orientation is ‘how it can be accomplished’, never entertaining ideas about ‘why it cannot be done’. Being pressured on many fronts, society is worried about how to secure its future and, seemingly, has given up on the ‘How!’. We hope to change that, and need your help to do it.

What we propose is will not be easy. It will require commitment and dedicated effort. We hope to attract those with an ‘eye toward the future’, to project past the current rhetoric (rhetorical impasse) now polluting the airways, to envision and work for a future that’s far different than that being projected.  The basis for our efforts are presented as follows:

‘We explicate the practice of leadership, law and governance as a unified trilateral contextualized within the framework of humanity’s oneness as a species; the core principle forged as integrated bedrock to spearhead strategic undertakings in globalizing environments. Its an effort requiring deep consideration and systematic planning to achieve long-term results within progressive milestones.’


Development Planners

Planners are vital to stakeholder communities for social and economic development at the local level. They support our advisory efforts, review statistical data of field work, and create sustainable strategies.


Advisory Specialists

Specialists from various fields engage in advisory services to advance the work we do in sustainable development. They provide the quality service needed for us to reach our goals and objectives.

Global Human Development Initiative

Sustainable achievements

through justice

and sacrificial endevours.

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