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We Address Some of the Worlds Greatest challenges Through Actionable Knowledge

'Actionable knowledge reflects the learning capability of individuals and organizations to connect heterogeneous elements (social, political, economic, technological). The relational understanding generated by actionable knowledge can extend existing modes of knowing and inform future action.'

We focus on inherent human commonalities to identify means for resolving difficult issues

To address humanity’s pressing problems, we take the position to start a strategic proactive response by planning for systematic and progressive achievements realized over extended time-horizons. The basis for this activity is to focus on humanity’s core inherent commonalities—particularly those of a spiritual nature, its diverse ethnic viability, and gender-based insights that through discourse reveals those elusive criteria needed to help resolve pressing socio-economic problems that together also provide the means to guide an indistinct emerging global ethos.

We respond to the public interest for secure sustainable pathways to progressive futures

Prallagon Consulting works in every major area of global human development to devise comprehensive and long-term sustainable solutions to secure a systematic and progressive future. Working in concert with our partners, stakeholders, and alliances we are equipped with an intimate understanding of cultural intricacies, insightful talent, and proactive leadership to plan, design, implement and manage impactful solutions to uniquely complex global problems. We provide a wide array of technical assistance by sharing and apply actionable knowledge with solutions to meet the challenges faced by an evolving global community.

Who We Are

Prallagon is a consultancy of creative development practitioners, specialists, partners, stakeholders, and lay-persons dedicated to planning a proactive response to pressing issues endangering humanity’s transition to a global society.

Our History

The idea for Prallagon was first conceived in South Africa during 2003 after completion of a two-year Africa development project study. Later based in the United States, but online activities were formally implemented in Malaysia by 2011. Since then we have become involved in continuing discourse with development practitioners and others to devise base criteria for strategic planning to help resolve challenging global issues.

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Actionable Knowledge

A knowledge framework to overcome the dichotomy of reducing learning to a rigid set of rules and procedures.

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Cohesive Global Public Policy

A policy that includes plans and initiatives to achieve human development in a global context.


Trusted Strategy

A culture of discourse and consultation used in creative ways to reveal newly discovered knowledge to be used proactively.


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