Why Prallagon Consulting Group?

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More and more people, individually and collectively, are now required to assume the mantle of justice, the harbinger of transformation in all areas of human endeavor, which people of the world loudly lament the lack thereof. Transformative requirements to advance the species in a global context remain unfulfilled; therefore, only through mediums of justice can this crisis be resolved. This is the core of our commitment.

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Strategic psychology

We watch humanity caught in a vortex of social, political and economic abnormalities that are entirely avoidable. Because of its inability to resolve age-old problems, some dating back to the 15th Century and others more current, humanity remains ill prepared to plan effectively to guide an emerging community—global in concept, principle and perspective—and manage its attendant ethos. There must be a change in human psychology to effect a radical departure from systems of exploitation that continue to wreak havoc
on human populations.

To resolve this crisis of self-perpetuated human vulnerability will require paradigmatic shifts in thinking to meet the unfolding requirements of a rapidly developing global community and effectively manage its attendant ethos. This means change that systematically ushers in progressive achievements over extended time-horizons. Its primary aim is to ‘reformat’ the structure of human society based on the dissolution of inadequate social systems and archaic governing structures, these replaced in time by creative service orientated architectures with flexibility and spiritual dynamism to inspire human will to achieve what might seem impossible today.

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Be prepared for the magnificence and differences that collaboration, strategic planning, and decision-making can make for sustainable undertakings at various time-stamped intervals far into the distant future. This process of interdependency will require perception, vision and a strong desire for social and economic justice—the unifying influence effective in countering ignorance, indifference, apathy and passivity.


We advocate a spiritual perspective, an approach that when combined with wisdom, understanding, objectivity and justice offers the best practical method for planning and decision-making to succeed in resolving the problems impacting human populations. This is a difficult and extremely challenging undertaking that must be implemented in successive stages of influence to foster change over extended periods of time.

"Developing processes and procedures to achieve sustainability is inherently difficult and extremely hard to quantify. Human well-being is exceedingly multifaceted, and to rely on certain abstract materialistic indicators as standards from which to draw conclusions for quality of life is just pure folly. We include comprehensive standards that reflect a more mature nature of the human experience to advance humanity’s endeavours in this era of dynamic change."

More to come, units now under development:


Long term planning

Achieving strategic goals are planned in 25 and 50 year cycles to encompass the first 200 to 300 years, and with modifications based on then current conditions.


Human Species Identity

Humanity is an entity of one (distinct groups) that require ‘species identity’ as a conscious reality to elevate a sense of an inherent unified commitment.


Global Ethos Management

Forward-thinking to plan and mitigate problems that arise due to inter-associative dynamics of people with different cultures, values and belief-systems.


Redirected Mass Media

Agents of change for political stability, social and economic development, global education, unifying beliefs and practices, and promoting social justice.


Global Education

Global education incorporates learning about the cultures, geographies, histories, and current issues of all the world's regions to resolve complex realities.


Systems Integration

Social and economic enablers from national and international players that embodies law, justice, and resource planning to manage core global resources.


Collective Exploration

Identify root causes of our dilemma and current problems, develop patterns of thought and habits that will increase our ability to build equitable systems.


Community Life

Community members collaborate to gain a fuller understanding of issues, help set goals, and execute plans that create opportunities for resolution.


Faith-Based Enablers

Articles on religions and faith-based systems to broaden understanding of some beliefs that are and have been mainstays for many groups and societies.


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